Join us today: Beer and Beyond online event

By Rachel Arthur

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Join us today: Beer and Beyond online event

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Join us today for Beer and Beyond, a free to attend online event dedicated to exploring the opportunities – and sizing up the challenges – for the beer industry. 

Our panel will explore what the industry looks like today, and how it could be shaped in the coming years.  

Join us as we ask:

  • What are the key trends in beer?
  • Which innovations will really drive the category forward?
  • How are we seeing premiumization take hold in beer?
  • How are multinational brewers reacting to the success of craft beer – and are these strategies successful?
  • Should brewers fear society’s drive towards healthy living?
  • What’s going to make the beer sector an exciting one to watch in 2016?
  • How can beer brands engage with consumers, and stand out on a crowded shelf?
  • And much more!

Kevin Baker, senior consultant at Canadean; Edward Brunner, head of food and beverage systems at Cambridge Consultants, and Simon Spillane, Public Affairs Director, The Brewers of Europe, will form our panel. 

The event will also be your chance to put questions to the panel.  

Setting the scene

The global beer market is predicted to grow only modestly in the coming years, with growth rates not expected to exceed 3%, according to figures from Canadean.

Yet stepping back from the headline figures and looking at individual categories reveals there are still areas of great opportunity.

Take for example premiumization – a trend seen across the beverage industry – which continues to take hold in beer, with some of the biggest multinational brewers identifying this as a key part of their portfolios.

Looking at the global map, Africa continues to be the fastest growing beer market, with a rising population and urbanization.

And the craft beer scene continues to be an astonishing category to watch, promising plenty more innovations and ideas for 2016 and beyond.  

The buzz about beer


From craft to corporation: ​Big beverage companies are buying up craft breweries in big numbers, but does going from craft to corporation lose the cachet for these brewers?


Growth categories: ​Non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers only account for a small proportion of the global beer market. However, these categories are showing stronger growth​ than the overall beer market, according to figures from Canadean.


Craft and cliches: ​Craft has become ever more visible in both brand DNA and marketing. And while craft doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon - has its success reduced its potency?


Smart labels: ​Tequila flavored beer brand Oculto has been demonstrating the possibilities of smart label technology,​ with a bottle which lights up when held by the consumer.


A 3D printer for beer: ​Seattle-based PicoBrew has developed the Pico, something the company has dubbed “the 3D printer for craft beer.”​ The system will allow craft brewers to distribute their brands as ingredient kits, letting consumers brew their favorite brands at home.


The Beergorithm: ​BrewPublik is a beer delivery service that uses an algorithm – referred to as “The Beergorithm”​ – to help its customers discover new beers that will be delivered to their door each month.

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