‘People are really excited to see something new in coffee’: Press’d launches liquid coffee concentrate in portable squeezable bottle

By Rachel Arthur

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Press'd for time? New coffee format builds on liquid concentrate trend
Press'd for time? New coffee format builds on liquid concentrate trend

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Press’d – an Arabica coffee liquid concentrate in a pocket-sized squeezable bottle – says it sees a gap in the market for a better quality convenience option. 

Press’d believes it sets itself apart from instant coffee with a patented low temperature brew method, preserving the flavour and aroma of the coffee bean. Each bottle makes 16 cups of coffee.

Sara Gamay, founder of Press’d, says consumers are ready for a new coffee format, particularly the time “press’d” people who are on-the-go, studying or working in offices. 

Press’d taps into the trend of super-concentrated, portable drinks.

Like filter coffee

Gamay said that, while innovating with format may attract new consumers, the quality and taste of the coffee has to match if a product wants to be successful.

While consumption occasions may be similar to instant coffee, Press’d wants to offer something different.

“Consumers are differentiating between our product and instant coffee. It looks different to anything else on the coffee shelf. We’re not granulated or freeze dried. But what really differentiates us is when people try it. They realise it tastes smooth, it’s not bitter, it doesn’t taste like instant. It tastes like an American filter coffee.

“Our target audience is the young, 18-30 demographic. They understand this kind of format, they’ve seen it in squash, they’re interested in something new. They’re busy people, pressed for time, they enjoy quality coffee and don’t want to settle for instant coffee.

“Then we’ve got a second group: office people. A lot of people work in offices where they don’t have coffee or a good quality coffee easily accessible. Sometimes they contribute to a communal jar of coffee. They want to upgrade from instant.”

Another area of opportunity is people on the move. With a 48ml pack size, Press’d can be taken in hand luggage on flights. Trains are another opportunity.

New category

“People are really excited to see something new in coffee,” ​said Gamay. “The main innovations in instant coffee has been premiumization; but no change in format or delivery, nothing break-through. In other beverage aisles there has been.”

Gamay believes the quality of the Arabica bean coffee will win consumers, but in order to do this, she has to get people to try the coffee – and its different format - for the first time.  

“It is a challenge for us, so we’re doing a lot of instore sampling,” ​she said. “We have the added challenge of educating consumers.”

The brand is also using consumer press to spread the word about the product.

Available in the UK, Gamay would also like to see Press’d stocked in by tills or in convenience sections as well as main coffee aisles, attracting impulse purchases.

“It’s a thing they look at and play with, they’re curious, and next to the tills is the natural place for that. The price [£2.99] is great for an impulse purchase as well. We don’t need to be refrigerated so we’re quite flexible as to where we can be in stores.”


Press’d makes it easy for people to “play around and be your own barista,”​ said Gamay. The amount of coffee in each cup can be controlled by the squeeze, while Press’d comes in three flavours:  Original Colombian, Caramel Coffee, and Vanilla Coffee. The caramel and vanilla varieties use natural flavours without sugar, sweeteners or preservatives.

Press’d launched at the London Coffee Festival earlier this year and is available in Whole Foods Market, As Nature Intended and Partridges; as well as wholesalers Tree of Life Marigold and Suma . It will also be available online on Ocado.

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