'The first such patented drinks ever been made in the world': Hydro One CEO Sammy Nasrollahi

Diabetes busting cinnamon: Hydro One drinks score US patent triumph


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Diabetes busting cinnamon: Hydro One drinks score US patent triumph

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Hydro One Beverages has won a US patent for healthy soft drinks line REVd that uses a special cinnamon extract to tackle problems associated with high blood sugar such as diabetes and hyperglycemia.

The Greenwood, South Carolina firm has won US Patent No. 8,652,55 B2 (February 18 2014) that describes beverages providing “health benefits associated with elevated or high blood sugar levels”​ and is now gunning for distribution nationwide.

“The beverages are useful in potentiating insulin activity, treating hyperglycemia and maintaining blood sugar levels in a subject afflicted with diabetes,”​ the newly approved patent states.

Hydro One’s ‘diabetic and dental friendly’ beverages are composed of distilled water, a cinnamon extract and sweetened with tooth-friendly polyol xylitol – which has 40% fewer calories than sugar and reduces blood glucose spikes and insulin response.

The company currently sells REVd in 5 kcal Blueberry & Pomegranate and Mango & Passion Fruit flavors, both of which use cinnamon extract Cinnulin PF, patented by Integrity Nutraceuticals. However, Hydro One notes that other extracts could be used – made by extracting cinnamon bark using water or a dilute acid.

“It is believed the extract contains a variety of different chalcones, which are a type of polyphenol or flavonoid,”​ the patent application, (approved today, but filed in January 2009) notes, adding that the amount of REVd needed to elicit the desired response could range from 50mg to 150mg/17oz (483ml).

US suffers ‘explosive increase’ in diabetes cases

Hydro One CEO, Sammy Nasrollahi (pictured) told BeverageDaily.com: “These are the first products we’ve put Cinnulin PF in, commonly known as cinnamon extract. Because of that, we got lucky and we patented the beverages.

“It took us six years, but this is the first such patented product that have ever been made in the world. Specifically, not just for a diabetic – it’s a natural, vitamin-rich beverage. Even a five year-old kid could drink it because with stevia and xylitol, with the latter excellent to fight against cavities,”​ he added.


“Cinnamon by itself is good for you – but this extract is the purest version and it’s excellent for your heart,”​ Nasroolahi said. “It absorbs insulin in diabetics, and also supresses appetite – killing the crave for chocolate, for instance.”

Hydro One’s filing notes an “explosive increase in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes worldwide…a chronic diseases and a serious, life-long condition”.

“People with diabetes are unable to use the glucose in their food for energy…it accumulates in the bloodstream, where it can damage the heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves.”

Cutting out carbohydrates, caffeine, sugar…

In the US alone, it adds, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has predicted 29m diagnosed diabetics by 2050, while other studies have higher estimates.

Noting the importance to diabetics of hydration – the patent explains the desirability of a beverage that hydrates diabetics but also contains other components “that assist in diabetes management”.

“It would be desirable that the beverage contains no carbohydrates, no sugar and no caffeine currently present in most beverages,”​ it adds.

Hydro One says its beverages can maintain blood sugar levels to prevent or reduce the likelihood of significant fluctuations, which if persistent can cause cell damage in diabetics.

“Alternately, the beverages described can maintain blood sugar levels within healthy, acceptable ranges,”​ the firm adds.

Rev D

Chasing listings in Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and beyond

Hyperglycemia – higher than normal concentrations of blood glucose – is also targeted by the drinks, since they help reduce blood sugar levels in patients suffering with the illness.

‘Potentiating’ insulin activity defines the drinks’ ability to elicit an insulin response to increased blood glucose concentrations in the event of hyperglycemia – techniques for measuring insulin activity after drinking REVd are mentioned in the newly granted patent’s art and include fat cell assays.

“Routine consumption of two 20oz bottles of a beverage described herein per day may provide short-term and long-term relief for patients with elevated blood sugar levels,”​ the application reads.

Other benefits include antioxidant support to protect cells, while Hydro One claims its beverages “may also help in the prevention of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and neuropathy – serious health disorders associated with diabetes”.

Nasrollahi’s company recently began working with wholesaler Sam’s Club and Walmart, and distributes the drinks online, and via Whole Foods Market in South Carolina and The Fresh Market in Georgia and the Carolinas, and hopes to expand distribution nationwide via various outlets.

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