Thermo Fisher zaps contaminants in tall packages

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Thermo Scientific's Xpert S400 x-ray system scans for contaminants in tall food and beverage contamination.
Thermo Scientific's Xpert S400 x-ray system scans for contaminants in tall food and beverage contamination.

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Thermo Scientific has launched an x-ray inspection machine capable of scanning tall food and beverage packaging.

The Xpert S400 detect foreign objects (metal, glass, dense plastics and other unwanted material) in vertically-oriented containers.

Suited for tall packages

Bob Ries, lead product manager for Thermo Scientific, told the capability makes it suitable for various beverage, dairy and food jobs.

The system is designed for a wide variety (liquid, solid, dry or combinations) of food products marketed in vertical packages such as cans, plastic bottles, pouches and boxes​,” he said. “The S400 targets tall and narrow packages and yields good detection sensitivity (1.5mm metal or smaller)​.”

The machine’s compact footprint enables producers to fit it into limited production space. Further, the system permits users to scan a wide range of products and package types.

Detection flexibility

Ries told FPD that the Xpert S400 offers capabilities beyond searching for contaminants in packaged products.

It is usually possible to do two additional inspections in the top or lid area of the container​,” he said. “The first is to check the general fill height and reject grossly under or overfilled containers; the second inspection is to make sure the top/lid is in place​.”

Ries added that the Xpert S400 can detect dents in containers and reject damaged items. The machine’s flexibility helps food, beverage and dairy customers make the most of their investment.

Customers buying an x-ray system like this expect it to last 7-10 years​,” he said. “Over that time period they may run many types of products through it and may move it from line to line or plant to plant​.”

To that end, the Xpert S400 is configured to scan packages at a range of heights, and the software can be configured for different items by adjusting x-ray power and inspection thresholds.

User-friendly design

According to Ries, the system software helps make the machine user friendly. It is set up to target problem areas, such as package edges in tall-profile packages, and diagnostic functions reportedly help facilitate quick troubleshooting.

The machine’s configuration was set up with an eye toward sanitation. Features like the welded, sloped surfaces and stainless construction make it difficult for dirt and debris to gather, and they make the unit easy to clean.

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