‘Pinot Noir flavored popcorn please!’


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Wine-flavored popcorn that won't make your head go 'pop'
Wine-flavored popcorn that won't make your head go 'pop'
Constellation Brands-owned New Zealand wine estate Kim Crawford has teamed up with New York gourmet popcorn company Populence to produce two wine-flavored varieties of the snack.

The bad news, for fans of a tipple, is that the sweet snacks (there are Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzel and Sauvignon Blanc Kettle variants, the former is pictured) are non-alcoholic, although they are designed to be eaten with corresponding Kim Crawford wines.

Apparently though, the wacky snacks – which don’t even have the benefit of helping your head go pop – ain’t cheap, with a one gallon tin costs $35.

New York-based Populence said: “The candied popcorn's final flavor is bright and zesty and pairs beautifully with the wine, just as it is meant to be enjoyed.”

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