Carbendazim-positive OJ shipments take total denied US entry to 27

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US food safety officials have turned away three more shipments of orange juice or concentrate after tests discovered carbendazim – taking the total number of refused or detained shipments to 27.

Two more consignments from Brazil and one from the Dominican Republic were denied entry to the US after measureable levels of at least 10ppb of the unapproved fungicide were found in samples taken from the shipments.

Of the 27 carbendazim-positive shipments, 14 were from Brazil, 12 were from Canada and one was from the Dominican Republic.

Samples have been collected from 107 shipments, of which 78 tested negative for carbendazim.

Sixty-three have already been released.

Current FDA measures state that any shipment of orange juice or concentrate attempting to enter the US is subject to testing for unapproved fungicide carbendazim.

“FDA has found 27 samples that tested positive, meaning that each sample contained 10 parts per billion or more of carbendazim. Each sample represents one shipment. The agency has detained and/or refused 27 shipments,”​ said a statement published by the agency.

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