New energy drinks feature Beneo’s functional carbohydrate

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New energy drinks feature Beneo’s functional carbohydrate

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Ingredients supplier Beneo is finding new outlets for its functional carbohydrate Palatinose; the latest being with Germany energy drinks producer, Rhino’s Energy.

Its energy drink called Natural Energy & Fruit combines Beneo’s functional carbohydrate isomaltulose, marketed under the brand name Palatinose, and a selection of juices including cranberry and white grape.

Tim Van der Schraelen, Beneo’s marketing communication manager told “Palatinose is the only low-glycaemic (glycaemic index 32), fully digestible disaccharide carbohydrate that supplies energy in the form of glucose over a longer period of time compared to sucrose. This results in a more balanced effect on blood sugar levels, eliminating sharp rise and falls in blood sugar and blood insulin when it is being broken down.“

Slow intestinal release

A disaccharide carbohydrate derived from sugar beet, Palatinose differs from sucrose in its linkage between the glucose and the fructose units. “As a result of its complete yet slow intestinal release, it provides the full carbohydrate energy (4 kcal/g) in a more balanced way over a longer period of time​, “ said Van der Schraelen.

With its slow but complete absorption and hydrolysis, Palatinose provides a constant and extended stream of energy in the form of glucose for muscles and brain. This next generation of carbohydrates provides energy over a longer period of time compared to quickly absorbed carbohydrates​. “

Rhino’s Natural Energy & Fruit drink is said to offer those looking for sustained energy a natural, balanced alternative to stimulant-based energy drinks. They have no artificial flavourings, additives or taurine, said the company.

Another recent launch in Germany and Austria featuring Palatinose was the energy drink Take Off from Convivo.

Take Off offers consumers the unique blend of sustained energy, alongside the instant alertness associated with neurostimulant ingredients​,“ said a statement from Beneo. “Marketed as boosting body and soul, Take Off comes in a red energy and fruit mix flavour, which contains raspberries and red berries.​ “ The product also contains taurine and caffeine.

Meanwhile, research group Euromonitor estimates the size of the global energy drinks market at 4,100m litres last year. The European market is estimated at 1,278m litres accounting for a quarter of the worldwide volume.

Worldwide market

Van der Schraelen is optimistic about growth prospects. “The worldwide market having a volume of 4,100 million litres is predicted to grow in the coming five years by 22%. Whereas the Western European and Eastern European markets are predicted to grow by 27% and 37% respectively. This is equivalent to another 261,000,000 litres in Western Europe where the market already counts for 987 million litres. In Eastern Europe the growth rates is equivalent to 110 million litres.”

In addition to supplying energy, Palatinose also helps consumers reduce snacking and overeating and is tooth-friendly, said Van der Schraelen. “As high insulinemic diets favour fat storage and may even lead to insulin resistance and obesity, low insulinemic diets could promote fat oxidation and may prevent unnecessary energy intake​.“

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