Microwave pipe technology enables uniform food heating

By Neil Merrett

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A manufacturer of microwave technologies claims to have developed a
more efficient tube-based heating system for aseptic liquid and
semi-liquid food products.

Industrial Microwave Systems (IMS) says that the Cylindrical Heating System can offer processors a means of uniformly heating food and beverages, reducing the risk of disproportionately heated 'hot spots' that can occur when using some thermal processing equipment. This is vital to prevent flavour loss and aesthetic degradation that can result from improper heating, the manufacturer claims. The Cylindrical Heating System can be used to heat liquid, semi-liquid, and other pumpable food products through a continuous tube-based flow process, the company said. The manufacturer claims that the patented design means that the system can continuously provide thermal energy to any produce flowing through the tube simultaneously. This can ensure rapid sterilization of food and beverage products, the company stated. According to the manufacturer, the system can also reduce requirements for floor space compared to existing conventional heat exchanging products. The technology, which was developed in cooperation with North Carolina State University Department of Food Science and the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agricultural Research Service, has received its first commercial license for industrial use, the company says. Yamco, a North Carolina-based manufacturer of low-acid sweet potato puree, yesterday opened a new state-of-the-art food manufacturing facility that will make use of the product. Upon testing at North Carolina State University, IMS claims the product was found to produce an aseptic sweet potato puree with minimum amount of flavour and colour loss.

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