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Dispensing systems manufacturer, Rieke Dispensing, has developed a
new venting system for vending machines that dispenses that reduces
the risk of ill hygiene.

The Rieke JV1 valve is said to be able to prevent problems of hygiene that may be present in the venting of beverages. The company claims that the product sidesteps the problems that faced venting system previously.

"Prior to the introduction of the Rieke JV1 valve, the beverage industry used a non-vented closure that required a container to be pierced before use, causing potential hygiene problems as well as being inconvenient for operations,"​ the company stated.

The new valve is made completely of plastic and fits into the standard receiving neck of the company's IMI Cornelius machine predominantly used for juice dispensing.

This non-returning venting valve allows a continuous flow of juice to be delivered. The valve's construction provides a superior sealing performance, the company claims, and it is designed to reseal automatically after the container has left the machine.

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