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EMP Industries has launched a Package Testing System (PTS)
primarily aimed at liquid packaging.

EMP Industries, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom machinery, has launched a Package Testing System (PTS) primarily aimed at liquid packaging.

PTS is a next generation non-destructive leak detection system that utilises the latest in solid state sensor technology to identify leaks, tears and holes in flexible packaging without damaging the product within.

"PTS offers manufacturers the opportunity for significant cost-savings by changing the way they test products,"​ said Edward Pentz, president of EMP Industries​. "By replacing traditional gas or liquid testing methods with state-of-the-art sensors, companies can now keep the integrity of their product through the package testing process."

Today most package testing machines operate by submerging a sealed product in liquid and visually detecting leaks. Such a process is time consuming, operator dependant, and typically renders the product useless, contributing to the high cost of product waste. PTS uses state-of-the-art sensor technology to examine a package without compromising the integrity of the product. This results in significant cost savings for the manufacturer.

EMP claims the system is easy to use as it operates via a touch screen-operator interface and features interchangeable tooling plates for testing a wide variety of packaging. Data retrieval and printing capabilities permit the user to produce detailed testing records and audit trails. These records can help to meet specific GMP requirements.

The product is ideal for a number of blister-test package applications in the food industry. Currently PTS is being used by a leading pharmaceutical company for use in testing the packaging of disposable oral care strips.

Based in Pennsylvania, US, EMP is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom handling, assembly and testing equipment. The company headquarters outside Philadelphia have in-house design, electrical and mechanical engineering and production facilities. EMP customers range in size from small manufacturing plants to large public companies.

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