Water, beer and vodka - all from Greenland's glacier

Siku, which means 'ice' in Greenlandic, is the brand name of a
range of drinks - a beer, a vodka and a bottled water - made using
water from the Qualerit glacial ice field in Greenland.

A Canadian company called Premium Glacier has signed an agreement giving it the exclusive right to market products from the ice and water from Greenland's glacier ice cap.

The agreement between Premium Glacier and Greenland Ice Cap Productions, the only company granted the concession by the Greenland government to harvest ice from the Qualerit glacial ice field, will see water from the unpolluted glaciers of Greenland become available to consumers world wide for the first time.

Premium Glacier will produce a family of beverage products marketed under the brand name Siku​, which means ice in Greenlandic. The range will feature Siku Glacier Ice Vodka, a 40 per cent abv ultra premium vodka, produced in the Netherlands, and Siku Beer, a premium brewed ice beer, produced in Germany, as well as Siku bottled water.

German businessman Guido Frank, one of the founding partners of Premium Glacier, said that the company had gone to great lengths to find the right business partners to make the alcohol products using the glacier water.

"We have found the quality of the products produced from the remarkably pure glacial water to be superior, and the taste different and more enjoyable than any of the ultra-premium products on the market today,"​ he said.

"Premium Glacier is currently looking for partners to assist in the distribution and sale of our products. In addition to the line of premium beverage products, market opportunities exist for industry sectors in the food, specialty health, cosmetic and bulk water sales industries."

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