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‘Hedonic Expectations’: How to drive healthy drinks sales in China

The Chinese place more trust in big beverage brands to deliver safe products, link ‘naturalness’ to single-flavor varieties and are increasingly willing to pay more for quality, safety and nutrition.


‘Germans still trying luck with Aperol copycats!’ Gruppo Campari CEO explains sales slump caught up with Gruppo Campari’s CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz on the the phone yesterday, following the spirits giant’s 2013 results announcement noting problems for Aperol in Germany and Wild Turkey...

Launch of bio-based TwistCap OSO 34

Tetra Pak reports boom in bio-based caps

Tetra Pak has extended use of its bio-based cap, calling it ‘another step forward’ towards its ambition to make fully renewable packages. 

Senomyx rapped over knuckles by FDA over wording of GRAS press release on sweet taste modifier

Flavor expert Senomyx - which is collaborating with PepsiCo over sweet taste modifier Sweetmyx (S617) - has been rapped over the knuckles by the FDA for implying that the agency...


Canadian whiskey has stellar global growth prospects: Campari CEO

Gruppo Campari CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz says Canadian whiskey has major global growth prospects, as his firm signed a US $125m deal to acquire a ‘hidden gem’ in Forty Creek Distillery.

Sainsbury’s launches Rwandan ‘women’s coffee’ in UK Parliament

UK retailer Sainsbury’s launched the UK’s first mainstream coffee ‘grown by women’ at a tasting event in the nation’s parliament last week.

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Thai firm makes ‘bold move’ with nation’s fastest aseptic line

Thai newcomer General Beverage has bought a high-speed aseptic line from Sidel and has ambitious plans to sell high fiber nutritional drinks.

Heat and spice are two things nice: Treatt talks soft drinks trends

Stronger and bolder flavor combinations are emerging in soft drinks with higher heat and spice levels, while vegetable-based beverages are on the rise, according to Treatt.

Beam Inc. buyout unlocked ‘exponential’ growth – 2 Gingers Irish whiskey founder

The founder of the US’s fastest-growing Irish whiskey brand 2 Gingers says its buyout by Beam Inc. in December 2012 significantly accelerated growth.

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Innocent shakes up smoothies with functional launches

Coke-owned Innocent is launching a functional smoothie range in the UK from April centered on soft health claims - three varieties will use 'defense' 'energise' and 'antioxidant' positioning.

‘Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum-flavored beer!’ from AB InBev

Anheuser-Busch InBev believes its Cubanisto beer flavored with rum will prove a hit with ‘tech savvy trend setters’ in the UK as sales of the spirit soar.


Analyst warns pouches face fight to grab US beer throat share

Stand-up pouches face a fight to wrest beer market share from traditional formats like bottles and cans that are ‘ingrained in the consumer’s mind’ but could carve out their own...


Social media ‘mobbing’ denting whiskey sales in US bars? Brown-Forman glosses Southern Comfort slide

Brown-Forman CEO Paul Varga says less affluent millennial drinkers may be shunning bars – where US whiskey brand Southern Comfort sales are falling – for social media ‘mobbing’ in the home.

$800k+ sales and counting: Charbrew plots ‘quirky’ tea triumph with Tesco

UK tea brand Charbrew now has annual sales of £500,000 and says its new push into retail giant Tesco will establish it as a ‘recognized force’ for innovation in the...

‘We want to be next door to beer’: Single-serve wine guru

The EU producer and distributor of Shark Tank success story Quart Vin Glass says he wants to duplicate the brand’s astute US channel management that has seen it distributed via...

AB InBev keen to steal larger ‘share of throat’ from wine and liquor

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) says its keen to capture a larger ‘share of throat’ from wine, hard liquor and other drinks by creating new consumption occasions for beer.

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Teasy does it! Premium RTD tea brand debuts Rexam Fusion bottle

Premium green tea brand Teasy will launch in the UK this spring using Rexam's aluminum Fusion bottle to distinguish it from 250ml slimline cans.

InnoBev Global Soft Drinks Congress: April 7-9, Lisbon

'Seesaw’ 2014 in store but global soft drinks congress brings balance

 The global soft drinks industry faces a ‘seesaw year’ in 2014 but the challenges posed by mature markets and categories are amply offset by opportunities elsewhere in the sector.

Garden of Flavor launches first HPP juices with probiotics

Garden of Flavor is set to launch the first HPP processed juice with probiotics – namely the GanedenBC 30 strain from Ganeden Biotech.

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Trophy packaging: Budweiser launches special edition World Cup bottle

Budweiser is launching a limited edition ‘trophy’ aluminum bottle in 40 countries worldwide this year in honor of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


‘Iconic beer brands often taste similar’: SAB Miller boss backs new styles

SAB Miller CEO Alan Clark admits that iconic beer brands often taste similar and says his firm is investing heavily in R&D on new styles and flavors to compete with...

Nestlé targets $5bn coffee market with Nespresso ‘game changer’

Nestlé claims its new ‘large cup’ Nespresso coffee system is unique and hopes it will corner a major segment of a $5bn portioned coffee market in the US.

Nespresso believes 'vital innovation' will boost brand's $300m US sales

Nestlé brand Nespresso tells it thinks its new VertuoLine machine will prove a ‘game changer’ in North America and one of its most important innovations in the last 25...

‘Let’s Twist Again!’ Novel espresso protein drink hopes to hit big time

The CEO of UK beverage brand Twist believes he could score a smash hit with an espresso coffee and whey protein-based drink that you just add water to.

Power to the Plants! Tree waters tipped to corner $2bn market by 2025

Plant-based waters derived from maple and birch trees can corner a $2bn market by 2025 according to industry expert Julian Mellentin.