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2011's beverage blockbusters: the news that filled our cup this year

We review the beverage thrills, and spills, of 2011, and raise a Christmas glass to a year that saw legal dogfights, giant steps forward in interactive packaging technology and a...

Consumers ‘thrilled to death’ with Dr Pepper Ten, CEO insists

The CEO and president of Dr Pepper claims that all the evidence thus far signals that customers are 'thrilled to death' with the firm’s controversial new ‘men-only’ low-calorie drink Dr...

Pepsi mulls broader rollout for Pepsi NEXT in Q1 2012

PepsiCo is gearing up for a possible roll-out of its new mid-calorie cola Pepsi NEXT in the first quarter of next year.

Smaller carbonates firms could fizz in new markets, Euromonitor

Despite the market stranglehold of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo on the Middle East and Africa, smaller carbonates firms could still exploit a trend towards rising consumption amongst youthful populations in these...

Macho men will fall for Dr Pepper Ten, analyst predicts

Dr Pepper Snapple’s (DPS's) new Dr Pepper Ten drink for ‘men only’ will find favour with its young male target audience in the US, according to a Euromonitor analyst.

News in brief

PepsiCo announces mid-calorie cola trial for US market

PepsiCo is planning to trial a new mid-calorie cola drink with 60 per cent less sugar in the US this summer.

PepsiCo applies for mid-calorie soft drink trademarks

PepsiCo filed for trademarks for three new mid-calorie soft drinks in late January and early February – Pepsi Next, Mtn Dew Next, and Sierra Mist Next, according to trademark office records.

Discovering the market for ‘mid-calorie’ stevia-sugar blends

Stevia suppliers have been partnering with sugar companies with the aim of blending the two sweeteners for more sucrose-like taste and lower calories – but the success of hybrid sweeteners...

Carbonates dipping in US soft drink shift - report

The notion of the traditional soft drink as a carbonated, high-calorie fizzy drink may have had its day in the US, according to new research suggesting consumers are flocking en...

Still drinks market growing faster than carbonates

The global still drinks market has lost its cheap image and is booming because beverage companies are concentrating on the premium end.

Carbonates losing their fizz?

Bottled water, new age beverages and energy drinks are driving growth in the global soft drinks market, but carbonates are losing their appeal, according to a new report from market...

Coke and Pepsi to test mid-calorie drink

Coca Cola and Pepsi are to consider launching a 'mid-calorie' drink that will sit in between their diet cola ranges and original drinks section. The 'mid-calorie' drink is thought to...

More bad news for fizzy drinks

Fizzy and sugary drinks are helping to push up the figures of obese children, suggests a small study in the US, and also result in...

Coke with a twist, new roll-out

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola, facing a stiff challenge from arch rival PepsiCo in the crucial North American market, on Monday unveiled a new vanilla-flavoured version...

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