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Energy Drinks & Beyond

Energy and sports is one of the fastest growing and most innovative segments of the drinks market. Daring innovations on the formulation side are matched by bold new packaging concepts and marketing approaches.

Should caffeine be regulated? Expert suggests stimulant should carry warning labels due to potential dangers

As the use of caffeine in foods and drinks continues to grow, so do the risks. And calls for tighter regulations on the substance are becoming louder.

Study: 12% of adult Europeans consume energy drinks at ‘chronic’ levels

A 52,000 person survey has found 30% of adult Europeans consume energy drinks at least once a year, but 12% are “high chronic” users.

Bob Marley brand chills on ‘challenge’ of building new drinks category

Bob Marley relaxation drink brand Marley’s Mellow Mood tells that building a new functional drinks sub category has been challenging, but the brand is now gaining real momentum....

Chicago Alderman ‘confident’ of action against energy drinks

The chairman of the Chicago City Council committee discussing highly caffeinated energy drinks is ‘confident’ some sort of action will come out of the hearings.


‘Energy drinks’ hit EU hyperspace, but threaten final frontiers

Adomas Pranevicius, CEO of MyDrink Beverages, tells that a new breed of healthy ‘energy’ drinks face an uncertain EU future, given conflicting guidance as to how we actually define...


Searching for the Holy Grail: Science-backed functional beverages

Philip Bromley from US biotech firm VIRUN tells that one form of the science ‘Holy Grail’ is a pill that gives you everything food does and more, without Oompa...

Monster attorney: Medical evidence does not support allegation that Maryland teen died from ‘caffeine toxicity’

There is “no medical or scientific evidence that would support a finding that the death of Anais Fournier was causally linked to consumption of Monster Energy drinks”, say experts hired...

News in brief

Monster Beverage buffs up Muscle Monster for launch

Monster Beverage plans to launch a protein-rich energy drink range called Muscle Monster in 15.5oz cans, as well as a zero-calorie, zero sugar energy option, in H1 2013.

Rexam strengthens Red Bull bond with new $175m Swiss investment

Rexam says it will build on its already strong relationship with Red Bull by building a new £115m ($175m) specialty can plant with a 2.2bn capacity for the energy drinks...

Monster Energy ‘beverage’ switch slashes regulatory red tape: Top Attorney

One top food attorney says he is not wholly surprised by Monster Beverage Corporation's decision to reclassify its energy drinks as beverages rather than dietary supplements, and that it will...

Editor’s blog

Which 2 global health brands grew by $1bn in 2012?

Something probiotic? Omega-3? A diet cola? Nope. 

50 Cent ‘really hands-on’ with powerhouse energy shot brand: SK Energy CEO

SK Energy CEO Chris Clarke tells about rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson’s passion for their energy shot brand, and plans to cement the US No.2 spot by selling 40-50m...

Does taurine counter the performance enhancing effects of caffeine in energy drinks? New study says it does

Taurine in energy drinks and shots may diminish the effects of caffeine for enhancing performance in certain tasks, says a new study from Australia.

What can we learn about energy drink consumption habits from social media?

A small minority of energy drink consumers regularly drink more than one can/shot in one sitting; the peak time for knocking back an energy drink or shot is 3-9pm; and...

Mountain Dew taps ‘natural energy’ trend with coffee, fruit juice Kickstart

PepsiCo brand Mountain Dew will launch a new fruit juice and coffee-based drink across the US from February 25 to provide a morning ‘pick me up’, and tap a key...

‘Buying ready-made beverage brands saves SMEs money and time’: My Drink Beverages CEO

Adomas Pranevicius, MD of Lithuanian beverage production management and development firm MyDrink Beverages tells Ben Bouckley why SMEs should buy a ready-made beverage brand, rather than treading the long, thorny...

‘Blatant’ legal flaws should KO Chicago plan to ban energy drinks: Attorney

High profile US attorney Justin Prochnow tells that a Chicago Alderman’s proposal to ban sales of energy drinks in the city contains ‘blatant misrepresentations of the law’.

‘Stand and deliver’ Dick Durbin and co. tell Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster...

Three crusading US politicians are demanding that top energy drinks and shots brands such as 5-Hour Energy, Monster, Rockstar and Red Bull provide them with data on ingredients and marketing...

DAWN report on energy drinks and ER visits: Correlation is not causation, but ‘something is going on here’

A new report on drug-related Emergency Room (ER) visits has raised fresh questions over the safety of energy drinks, but has been criticized by beverage makers for drawing conclusions that...

Energy drink sales: Pre-Christmas boost for Red Bull, while Monster loses momentum

While sales of energy drinks in US convenience stores surged in 2012, the pace of growth has been slowing, says Morgan Stanley.

Virun secures ‘significant’ equity stakes in beverage brands

The CEO of Californian biotech company Virun has revealed to that his firm has sealed two novel equity deals that involve it taking significant equity stakes in beverage brands,...

Big interview: Eric Schnell, founder MetaBrand; co-founder I AM Enlightened nutrition, Healthy beverage Co (Steaz teas)

Shot in the arm: The secret to success in shots... without going head to head with 5-Hour Energy…

Want to get a slice of the action in the shots category? Build a brand with a compelling story or ‘mission’, and formulate a product that delivers a discernible effect...

Energy drinks and RTD coffee are fastest growers in US vending market

Energy drinks and ready to drink coffee are the fasting growing products in the vending market - although they still represent a relatively small chunk of the market - according...

Average price per volume for energy drinks dropped 7.6% in 2012

While the price per volume of many ‘center of store’ food products rose in 2012, the average price per volume for energy drinks dropped 7.6% in 2012 vs 2011 across... predictions for 2013: part two

Rockin’ riffs that could drive the drinks biosphere in 2013: Part 2

Tune in to the second part of’s beverage industry predictions for 2013, from interactive packaging going pop to energy drinks feeling the heat in the mosh pit.