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Red Bull 'surprised' by Saudi Arabia energy drinks advertising ban

Saudi Arabia has banned energy drink advertising altogether and will limit their distribution and sale, while brands including Red Bull will now be forced to carry health warnings.

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Teasy does it! Premium RTD tea brand debuts Rexam Fusion bottle

Premium green tea brand Teasy will launch in the UK this spring using Rexam's aluminum Fusion bottle to distinguish it from 250ml slimline cans.

InnoBev Global Soft Drinks Congress: April 7-9, Lisbon

'Seesaw’ 2014 in store but global soft drinks congress brings balance

 The global soft drinks industry faces a ‘seesaw year’ in 2014 but the challenges posed by mature markets and categories are amply offset by opportunities elsewhere in the sector.


$150m+ Mountain Dew Kickstart ‘right for the masses’: PepsiCo shuns energy M&A

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi says the firm will not buy brands in the lucrative energy drinks space and insists existing $150m+ offer Mountain Dew Kickstart is ‘right for the masses’.

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'Marketing can and should be science-driven and scientists are great marketers': VIRUN CEO

'Loving my life…like a Big Mac after a 12 mile hike!' Personality of the Year 2013, VIRUN CEO Philip Bromley, reveals his lust for life and how soft drinks can combine ‘want with need’ to kick start the category, in...

‘No NPD in 2014? You must be joking!’ Monster launches Punch line

Monster Beverage CEO Rodney Sacks has hit back at suggestions the firm doesn’t have any big 2014 launches and believes a new Punch Monster line could fly given broad consumer...

Reaction to IOM's final report on caffeine meeting: More data needed, but new regs unlikely

Experts who have reviewed a report from the Institute of Medicine on a meeting on the safety of caffeine in foods and beverages have concluded that based on the information...

Wolfish supps in beverage garb beware! Lowdown on the new FDA guidance

Food attorneys agree that energy shots responsibly marketed as dietary supplements not beverages should escape FDA censure after the agency updated guidance distinguishing the two, but warn firms against 'flicking...

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Ozzy Osbourne’s wife takes aim at energy drinks

The wife of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne has told Larry King she believes energy drinks were to blame for their daughter Kelly’s seizure last year.

Yuppies drink Red Bull, and 5-Hour Energy’s just 'treading water' – Monster CEO suggests

Monster Energy CEO Rodney Sacks says rivals 5-Hour Energy and Rockstar are just ‘treading water’ in sales terms while his brand is outstripping fierce rival Red Bull, which he hints... Get involved with our 2014 editorial features!

Everything from energy drink innovation to flexible packaging is under the microscope! Here’s’s 2014 special edition editorial calendar.

Festive video insights: Mintel experts offer up highlights and predictions

With 2013 fast drawing to a close and 2014 just around the corner, we took the chance to catch up with analysts and experts at Mintel to ask them what...

5 Booms to Shake the Beverage Room in 2014!

Here are five global beverage trends that could shake up everything from soda to smoothies in 2014, as tea goes glam and consumers grow more cynical and health conscious.


10 Lordly Questions A-Leaping! Tackle's Xmas quiz...

How well do you know the beverage industry? Our special Christmas quiz that covers everything from Muhtar Kent to Perrier and 'White Coke'. See if you can top the leaderboard!

‘Strange Brew’: 2013’s Top 5 Unusual News Stories

What do RMS Titanic, Dr Pepper’s snake-inspired wastewater treatment plant and Champagne-sipping rodents have in common? They all made our front page in 2013!

San Francisco City Attorney defuses ‘meritless’ Monster Energy lawsuit

Monster’s lawsuit seeking to block the San Francisco City litigation seeking to force it to reform its energy drinks, packaging and marketing practices has been thrown out by a Federal...

Energy brand ‘buzz’ bounces back but can momentum continue into 2014?

Changes in marketing direction and a quiet year with lawsuits have seen three big players in the energy category bounce back in the eyes of consumers, but what does 2014...

Energy drink study leader: We did not state that a short-term increase in heart contraction rate is a health concern

The lead researcher behind a high-profile paper showing energy drinks increase heart contraction rates has rejected claims by Monster Beverage Corp that the paper is ‘alarmist’ and stressed that “whether...

Energy drinks linked with higher heart contraction rates

Energy drinks significantly increase heart contraction rates in healthy young adults according to an ongoing study reported at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Sainsbury’s awaits UK law shift before ban on energy drink sales to kids

Sainsbury’s suggests it will not follow UK rival Morrison’s lead in banning the sale of energy drinks to children, but said it would follow suit if national laws changed....

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FDA to outline where a liquid supplement ends and a conventional food and beverage begins

The FDA is preparing to finalize guidance clarifying the often hazy dividing line between liquid supplements and conventional beverages and foods as the debate over the proliferation of caffeine-containing products...


‘Extra stimulants to blame’ $85m NYC death lawsuit targets Red Bull

Red Bull must face down a lawsuit filed in New York today by the family of a man who died after drinking the beverage after a basketball game and claim...

Colorado startup shakes up energy drink category with timed release caffeinated beverages

Colorado-based beverage startup Züm XR has made a splash with its patented technology that delivers slow, sustained caffeine release that has  made its line of beverages the best sellers in...