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Mountain Dew can shows its true colours

Last updated on 17-Sep-2012 at 12:54 GMT2012-09-17T12:54:19Z

The normal can on the left and when chilled on the right.
The normal can on the left and when chilled on the right.

A limited edition Mountain Dew can will feature temperature-controlled colour-changing ink from Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI).

When chilled to 46.4° F. (8° C.) the 16-ounce can features a symbol that transforms itself into the green colour of Mountain Dew.

The cans, a product of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, are available for several months in the US.

By incorporating CTI’s cold-activated, colour-changing ink technology into this special offering, it truly elevates the consumer interaction potential of the beverage package,” said Melanie Edwards, CTI’s manager of strategic sales initiatives.

CTI’s ‘thermochromic’ inks can be used to hide a message, signal cold temperatures, as indicators of product levels or an extension of the product’s brand messaging.

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