‘We’re on a mission to prove that sports performance can – and should – be natural’: Cheribundi

By Rachel Arthur

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Pic: Cheribundi
Pic: Cheribundi

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Natural performance beverage company Cheribundi has launched a reimagined performance line and expanded US retail distribution in an effort to promote its brand in the mainstream.

Founded in Connecticut in 2004, the brand specializes in ‘one of the most effective, functional tools for athletic recovery: tart cherry juice’.

“Using a proprietary filtration process developed with Cornell University, we harness the incredible phytonutrient and antioxidant strength of tart cherries to create superior quality offerings that are scientifically proven to speed up muscle recovery, alleviate soreness, support immunity, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep,” ​explains the brand.

Cheribundi has redesigned its packaging and renamed four of their top selling products in an effort to ‘take the pro athlete secret mainstream’. ​(The formulation of each product remains the same).

The updated products in Cheribundi’s new performance line are:

  • PURE: 60 tart Cherries and nothing else. MSRP: $27 (previously sold as 100% Tart)
  • PRO: 45 Tart Cherries with Whey Protein for Muscle Recovery and B Vitamin Complex. MSRP: $30 (previously Rebuild)
  • HYDRO: 40 Tart Cherries and 33% Coconut Water with Natural Electrolytes and B Vitamin Complex. MSRP: $27 (previously Hydrate)
  • RESET: 40 Tart Cherries with Natural Melatonin plus Calming Valerian Root and Lemon Balm. MSRP: $23 (previously Relax)

The brand has also expanded listings across the US: Cheribundi Light has been added to the Walmart lineup and Cheribundi is now in 520 additional Walmart stores. Meanwhile, Cheribundi Light and Cheribundi Original has been added to the Kroger lineup and Cheribundi is now in 190 more Kroger stores.

The brand has also enlisted a roster of doctors, scientists, dietitians and personal trainers to promote the tart cherry juice drink.

Cheribundi’s natural juice and performance beverages are non-GMO, not from concentrate, and contain no preservatives or added sugar. Cheribundi is now available in nearly 50,000 retail locations across the US and can also be found online at Kroger, Publix, Amazon, Walmart and Cheribundi.com. 

Tart cherry juice

"Multiple studies published in renowned medical journals have proven the health and fitness benefits of tart cherry juice over the past 15 years," says Cheribundi. "If used consistently at the recommended daily dose, tart cherry juice is proven to help:

  • Speed recovery and repair of muscle tissue (Source: University of New Mexico)
  • Minimize exercise induced muscle damage (Source: British Journal of Sports Medicine)
  • Minimize muscle soreness (Source: American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Decrease inflammation and inflammatory-related conditions (Source: Journal of Food Studies)
  • Significantly improve sleep quality and duration (Source: Louisiana State University)
  • Prevent joint pain and gout (Source: US National Library of Medicine)"

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