A 2020 Recession? How to prepare for a downturn

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Pic: getty/coffeekai

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Rabobank’s team of economists says there is an 80% chance of a recession in 2020. What a downturn could mean for consumer behavior, investor behavior, and, ultimately, food and beverage companies?

Rabobank’s own recession model suggests an 80% chance of a recession by the end of 2020, but you shouldn’t expect a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. Though Rabobank’s economists are predicting a shallow recession, consumers and consumer spending are going to take a hit. This could be the first economic downturn experienced by many young, trend-setting consumers, and food and beverage companies have to strategize their response to the inevitable shifts in consumer behavior.

In this guest podcast, Rabobank’s Senior Market Strategist Christian Lawrence and Rabobank’s beverage research team discuss what could cause the recession, how a shock to growth typically impacts consumer behavior, and how food and beverage companies can position themselves to thrive during a downturn.

'This isn’t a US specific story: when we look at the global picture, we see growth slowing below 3% which is the IMF’s technical definition of a global recession'

Christian Lawrence

1. What is the likelihood of a recession in 2020 and what might cause it?
2. How would a recession impact capital markets and will it become harder for startups to compete for cash?
3. How do consumers change their behavior during a recession?
4. How can food and beverage companies prepare and thrive during an economic downturn?

This episode features Senior Market Strategist Christian Lawrence, Global Beverage Strategist Stephen Rannekleiv, Senior Analyst Jim Watson, and Analyst Bourcard Nesin and was recorded December 10, 2019

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