Coffee culture meets sports nutrition: Vegan hot protein drink created for cold weather workouts

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Fit4Style Protein Cup
Fit4Style Protein Cup
Israeli manufacturer Matok V’Kal Ltd. has created a vegan protein hot drink powder, in an aim to provide the perfect post workout mix for cold weather workouts.

Made using 'technical advancements' to overcome heat coagulation, Fit4style Protein Cup powdered mix provides 21g of protein and amino acids in a lactose and soy-free beverage that can be enjoyed like a cup of coffee.

“The challenge of developing a heated protein drink was to find a creative solution that allows active consumers enjoy a hot, flavorful drink after hitting the gym or engaging in other strenuous activities,”​ says Noam Kaplan, CEO of Matok V’Kal.

“Proteins aren’t readily dispersable in hot water, so we had to overcome this problem through a painstaking process of combination and application of the essential ingredients for the formula."

The Protein Cup comes in a disposable cup that includes the protein mixture, a stirrer, and a cap. To prepare a drink, the consumer removes the aluminium seal, adds the hot water, and stirs, meaning there's no need for a shaker and no clean-up necessary.

Each cup contains 21g of vegetable protein, including 4g of branch-chain amino acids (BCAA, including 2.7g L-leucine, essential to the process of building muscle protein tissue after a workout).

fit4style protein cup
Fit4Style protein cup

“The inspiration for the Fit4style Protein Cup came from the desire of consumers engaging in an active lifestyle for an elegant, delicious protein drink in an easy-to-use format," ​adds Kaplan.

“Fit4style hot protein beverage is as easy and familiar to make — and enjoy — as a cup of coffee.”

The mixture - which comes in salted caramel, vanilla, and coffee flavours - is currently available in Israel but the firm is looking for partners in Europe, US and Asia Pacific.

This is the second product line under the Fit4Style sports nutrition brand.

Energy Spray

Fit4style Energy Spray​, a mint-flavoured, six-calorie on-the-go energy kick entered the market in February this year. 

The spray is said to work by coating the mouth in carbohydrates, therefore tricking the mind into believing the body has been fuelled with carbohydrates, causing a burst of energy.

Matok V’Kal says the spray can boost stamina for up to 75 minutes during high-endurance workouts and sports activities, without caffeine or other stimulants.

About Matok V’Kal

Matok V’Kal Ltd., a food manufacturer that produces sugar substitutes under the brand names Matok V’Kal, Sucra Diet, and the newly introduced Fit4style.

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