OXiGEN bottled water uses proprietary oxygen molecule for improved health

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The crucial difference between OXiGEN water and oxygen water is the molecule used.
The crucial difference between OXiGEN water and oxygen water is the molecule used.

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OXiGEN water has its sights set on being the leading manufacturer of oxygen products using a more stabilized oxygen molecule, which it says delivers a host of health benefits to the consumer. 

OXiGEN bottled water uses a proprietary stabilized O4​ molecule – created by bonding two O2​ molecules together – that stays in the water for at least two years after bottling. Each bottle has a 1,000 parts per million of the concentration of the activated stabilized oxygen (ASO).

“What’s key with our product is that we’re an oxygen product delivered by water,”​ CEO and president Blair Bentham told BeverageDaily. “I’ve been in the beverage industry for 18 years. When the consumer brings up the fact is that oxygen water is not ‘real’, and we respond with that’s true, but we’re an O4​ product.”

Founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2014, OXiGEN water is widely available in Canada and also sold throughout the state of California with distribution through Unified Grocers-Market Centre and KeHe.  The water is in more than 2,000 locations in Dubai, and will launch in Mexico later this year through partner Grupo Garcia, the company said. OXiGEN water is also available on Amazon.com in 24-pack cases for $49.95.

Dispelling myth

Bentham’s wants to educate consumers on what makes OXiGEN water different to oxygenated waters that use an unstable O2​ molecule.

“We’re working hard on consumer education especially with the past history of oxygenated products in the industry not being ‘real’,” ​Bentham said.

To answer consumer confusion, Bentham emphasize that OXiGEN water, unlike other oxygenated waters, contains an O4​ molecule “that’s a lot heavier and more stable than O2​ waters” and oxygen by its nature is a gas that wants to escape once a bottle is opened, Bentham said.

Instant health effects

To test the efficacy of its ASO bottled water, OXiGEN conducted a six-month, double blind placebo controlled study at Indiana State University. During the study, athletes were asked to perform physical exercise after drinking the O4​ molecule water.

What they found, according to Bentham, was that OXiGEN water had an effect of clearing lactic acid from the body faster than traditional water, while also increasing mental clarity and focus.

‘Massive growth curve’

Bentham believes that as consumers move away from sugary, caffeinated energy drinks made with artificial ingredients, bottled water with functional benefits will take their place.

“Bottled water industry is on a massive growth curve and will continue to do so,” ​Bentham said.  “We really see the functional water business growing exponentially.”

OXiGEN water is the only water that uses the O4​ molecule and, because of its proprietary development, it cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers.

“Our biggest challenge moving forward and also our biggest goal is that OXiGEN water becomes the beverage of choice for women, men, and children,”​ Bentham said. 

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