Cardboard beverage can designed to meet sustainability demands

By Mark Astley

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Cardboard beverage can designed to meet sustainability demands
A cheaper, environmentally friendly beverage can made of cardboard will be available within the next 12 months, says its developer.

The can, which has been designed and patented by Germany-based company Keienburg GmbH, will be made of a multilayer board - developed for use with any beverage such as beer, sparkling soft drinks, fruit juices and coffee drinks.

A spokesperson for Keienburg told that the cardboard can will offer the same technical properties as a traditional thin metal can.

Same attributes

“It was essential that we developed the can to have the same attributes as a thin metal version, otherwise it would not be able to challenge it for a share of the market,” ​said the spokesperson.

“It will offer the consumer more or the less the same attributes as an average metal can, while reducing cost.”

The spokesperson added that the development will keep liquid colder for longer, compared with a container made of thin metal.

“As well as beverage cans, the design has been applied to party kegs and there is potential for it to be used with any type of canned food.”

The development is attracting interest from one of Europe’s top brewers and several German beverage companies, added the spokesperson.

Reduced costs

“Since we began the development in 2003, the price of metals such as aluminium has gone up.”

“These materials, traditionally used to make metal have become more expensive, whereas cardboard has remained consistently cheaper.”

Transportation costs will also be significantly reduced, according to the spokesperson, as only cardboard reels and metal can tops and ends will be delivered to fillers.

“One cardboard reel will be equivalent to around 4,000 cans and we can fit about 50 of these reels in one truck.”

“So not only will transportation costs be cheaper compared to metal beverage cans, it also makes the can more environmentally friendly.”

For any cardboard beverage can enquiries contact Gunter Keienburg on 004921326586435.

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I 2nd Chris Noble's question

Posted by Auni Moin,

Great question, Chris - BPA was my first concern as well. Did you get a response? I'm guessing we may have to reach out to Keienburg GmbH.

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BPAs used in these products

Posted by Chris Nobles,

This sounds great. Is there BPA in these cans? Reference:

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