Tetra Prisma - the future of wine packaging?

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A US wine maker is packaging its Vendange product in 500ml Tetra
Prisma containers, in a bid to break out of the confines of
traditional wine packaging.

Having introduced the first sangria in Tetra Prisma containers earlier this year, the company, Canandaigua Wine, is now the first to offer a range of wines in the innovative new package.

This month four Vendange​ wines will be available nationally in Tetra Prisma containers.

The Tetra Prisma container from Tetra Pak is shatterproof and features new screw cap technology - called StreamCap - that is tamper evident and allows the container to be resealed once it has been opened. Tetra Pak claims that the package protects the integrity of its sensitive contents, while making Vendange wines portable and easier to store.

The octagonal-shaped container holds three-plus glasses of wine, and is designed to appeal to the current lifestyle trends of on-the-go consumers. Canandaigua says that the container is ideal for picnics - no corkscrew is required - and anywhere that glass is not allowed.

The move illustrates how food and beverage companies are attempting to appeal to consumer lifestyles through new innovative packaging ideas.

"As a market leader in the wine industry it's very exciting to leverage our strength by introducing another Canandaigua Wine brand in a unique package to consumers in the US market,"​ said Gary Glass, vice president of marketing for Canandaigua Wine.

"Tetra Prisma is recognised worldwide as a high-end premium package and we're proud to expand the presence of this package to American wine consumers."

Vendange, made in California, is one of North America's best-selling wine brands. Four of the brand's popular varieties will be available in this innovative new packaging: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Shiraz.

Each variety will be colour-coded for easy recognition in retailers nationwide.

Canandaigua is confident that the new packaging format will be a success. In April 2004, Canandaigua Wine rolled out the world's first wine product packaged in the 500 ml Tetra Prisma container. Last year over 1.3 billion Tetra Pak wine packages were sold worldwide.

"As leaders, Tetra Pak and Canandaigua Wine have again joined together to further advance industry innovation,"​ said Jeff Kellar, vice president of strategic business development for Tetra Pak US​.

"With Vendange's high-quality portfolio and Tetra Pak's packaging experience, we knew that we could create exciting new possibilities for wine."

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