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A chocolate torte currently being marketed in the United States is
being hand-wrapped in Cellophane by packaging firm Surface

Empire Torte, a new chocolate dessert currently being marketed in the United States by confectioner Tuesday Evans, is being hand-wrapped in Cellophane from Surface Specialties for extended shelf-life.

The Cellophane has a modified nitrocellulose coating to fine-tune its moisture permeability so that the torte stays in peak condition for up to 40 days.

The film is designed with what the company describes as a high moisture vapour transmission rate, which allows products like the Empire Torte to breath. This helps prevent moisture building up within the pack which could encourage mould growth.

Surface Specialties​ also claims that the material has a very high gas and aroma barrier, capable of locking in the flavours and ensuring freshness.

The film is crisp, glossy and transparent and can be used for hand or machine wrapping. Tuesday Evans said in a statement: "We wanted the packaging to show as much care and attention to detail as does the torte.

"After extensive research we chose the Cellophane both because of the lovely hand-finished appearance it lends but also because it is semi-permeable and protects the torte."

The Empire Torte is made using chocolate from the Venezuelan cacao bean combined with fresh eggs, butter, sugar, Espresso coffee and vanilla.

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