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Any Cognac aficionado will talk at length about the multitude of
scents and aromas that the spirit has to offer, but Cognac Frapin
has now taken that a stage further and produced a perfume which it
claims evokes the very best of Cognac.

In what can best be described as an unexpected marketing exercise, France's Cognac Frapin has launched a perfume brand called 1270 after the year in which the Frapin family first established itself in Cognac.

The perfume, described by the company as an 'eau de parfum', was created by Beatrice Cointreau, managing director of Cognac Frapin and great granddaughter of Pierre Frapin, founder of the modern Cognac house.

The perfume will initially be available only in the UK via the company's website​ or in special gift packs in combination with a more traditional Frapin offering - a bottle of Cognac Frapin Extra - for a mere £250 (€400). The perfume on its own will sell for around €59.

Beatrice Cointreau trained at the French perfume school ISIPCA, and said that she has long wanted to create a scent which reflected the best of what Cognac had to offer (while at the same time not actually smelling of the spirit itself).

"I wanted to create a perfume which told the story of the aromatic joys of my childhood. There is a close synergy between the elegance of our Cognacs and good perfume - and this was a natural avenue for the cellar-master and I to explore and take our blending skills into the next dimension,"​ she said.

"The vine's flowers, the grass underneath one's feet, the wine warehouse, the cellars with their new barrels and acrid smell of damp earth, the wood of new casks, the rich, almost animal smell of humus where the very old eaux-de-vie are stored. All these notes can be detected in 1270."

The launch bottle is a 50ml vaporiser, a scaled down version of the Cognac Frapin Extra bottle, and has the same triple gold ringed outer edge and three-pronged gold "claw" clasp.

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