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Treofan turns to phthalate-free packaging films and mineral oil barriers

Treofanphthalate-free packaging and mineral oil barriers

Jürgen Schischko

Technical service director - Treofan

Treofan has started to offer its customers phthalate-free packaging films on request using phthalate-free base polymers in the extrusion process.

Published: 11-May-2017

‘Cows head’ sliced cheese packs, small pouch formats and paper packaging take centre stage at Mondi

paper packaging Mondi Interpack

Bettina Haidvogl

marketing specialist, - Mondi

Mondi has expanded its packaging portfolio based on current trends, differentiating its products at the point of sale.

Published: 10-May-2017

Braskem packaging changes color if a product is unfit for consumption

Braskem packaging changes color if a product is unfit for consumption

Marcia Pires

polymer science researcher - Braskem

Thermoplastic resin producer Braskem has partnered with Clemson University in the US and Rio Grande do Sul Federal University (UFRGS) in Brazil to create intelligent packaging which can change color if a product is unfit for consumption.

Published: 09-May-2017

Mettler-Toledo Safeline debuts four enhancements on its metal detection systems

Mettler-Toledo Safeline metal detection systems

Mettler-Toledo introduced four enhancements on its Safeline metal detection systems at Interpack.

Published: 09-May-2017

From marketing to taste: How virtual reality will change the food industry

From marketing to taste: How virtual reality will change the food industry

Virtual reality has arrived and is set to change the way the food industry engages with consumers and even the way consumers taste food by creating multisensory experiences, according to one digital marketing expert.

Published: 07-Mar-2017

Cola-flavored biscuits: Döhler borrows from beverages for bakery concepts

Cola-flavored biscuits: Döhler borrows from beverages for bakery

Döhler showcased an array of concepts for the bakery industry inspired by drinks at ProSweets.

Published: 08-Feb-2017

Döhler Cactus Pear-Kiwi functional gummie equivalent to one-and-a-half cups of espresso

Döhler Cactus Pear-Kiwi functional gummies

Antonia Kauter

product manager - Döhler

Döhler has launched a range of gummies and jellies based on 100% ingredients from fruit such as pectin from apple, juice concentrate, and fruit sugars instead of sucrose or glucose syrup.

Published: 06-Feb-2017

Innovation spotlight: How wine entrepreneurs are embracing both tradition and technology

Wine entrepreneurs embrace tradition & technology

With mobile apps, software, online marketplaces and more, a group of wine start-ups are proving that the wine industry is far from being stuck in its traditional ways. 

Published: 02-Feb-2017

Could molecular hydrogen infused water carve a niche in the functional beverages category?

Hfactor taps into Japanese hydrogen-infused water craze

In regular water, hydrogen is bound to oxygen (H2O) making it "difficult for our bodies to enjoy the [antioxidant/anti-inflammatory] benefits of hydrogen," claims the company behind Hfactor, which contends that dissolving hydrogen gas into water via a patent-pending process enables Hfactor to deliver a variety of potential health benefits.

Published: 01-Feb-2017

Could energy drinks be cut out of the EU caffeine claim loop?

Could energy drinks be cut out of the EU caffeine claim loop?

Maria Thijssen

Regulatory affairs manager - Nutritional GSK

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) is lobbying for two different solutions to the EU caffeine claim hold up, one of which could see use of the claims limited to sports supplements only.  

Published: 20-Dec-2016

Mind, body and spirit: The holistic tea trend

Mind, body and spirit: The holistic tea trend

James Dawson

Founder - Tplus Drinks

Food Matters Live in London played host to a range of food and beverage makers all eager to show off the flavours and unique ingredients, which they think will continue to trend in 2017.

Published: 05-Dec-2016

Unilever extols the virtues of flavonoids in tea

Unilever extols the virtues of flavonoids in tea

Unilever spoke about flavonoids (dietary compounds) found in tea, wine, cocoa, fruits and vegetables at Journées Francophones de Nutrition (JFN) tradeshow in Montpellier, France, last week (November 30-December 2).

Published: 05-Dec-2016

‘9 Green Bottles’: Who will design Heineken’s next generation smart bottle?

Heineken’s next generation smart bottle

Nine companies battled it out for a place on Heineken’s Design & Packaging Team to design its next generation smart bottle, at the AIPIA Congress in Amsterdam.

Published: 01-Dec-2016

6 steps companies can take to “do good” and expand their appeal to modern consumers

6 steps to take to “do good” and expand appeal to modern consumers

Modern Americans expect much more from food companies today than they did in the past -- now not only do they want food that is better for them, but they want products that also are better for society and the planet.

Published: 29-Nov-2016

Smoothies turn to seeds to boost natural positioning

Döhler on seeds in smoothies

In an effort for products to appear as close to natural as possible, beverage producers are turning more and more to ingredients complete with skin, seeds and fruit flesh. 

Published: 28-Nov-2016

Cross-over innovation: What beverage packaging can learn from other industries

Ardagh on beverage packaging crossover innovation

What has chocolate got to do with glass? And what do cars have in common with bottles? The Ardagh Group has been investigating how technologies regularly used by other industries can be used in beverage packaging. 

Published: 25-Nov-2016

‘Battle of the Baristas’ UAE coffee consumption to reach $112m in 2017

UAE coffee consumption to reach $112m in 2017

 A total of eight of the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) most talented baristas battled it out for the second edition of the MENA Cezve/Ibrik Championship at Gulfood Manufacturing this month (November 7-9).

Published: 22-Nov-2016

The factory of the future: ‘From mass production to mass customization’

Gebo Cermex agility 4.0 and the factory of the future

Today’s factories are focused on producing large quantities in bulk. Tomorrow’s factories will be smaller but far more agile, reflecting the overarching consumer trends of personalization and customization. 

Published: 22-Nov-2016

Five pillars for the 'Factory of the Future': Gebo Cermex

Factory of the future 5 pillars Gebo Cermex

Robots, smart technology, augmented reality… what technology is in store for the factory of the future?

Published: 22-Nov-2016

Beverage can design changes when beverage is chilled – and then again when drunk

Crown reveal thermochromic technology

Crown has launched two-step thermochromic cans: which change color when the beverage is chilled; but then also reveal another design once the drink has been consumed. 

Published: 21-Nov-2016

Stora Enso expands RFID technology across wine, food and dairy markets

Stora Enso expands RFID technology across wine, food and dairy markets

Stora Enso is continuing to expand its intelligent packaging (IP) technology across the wine, food and dairy market sectors, working with brand owners and customers to help them to understand what are the capabilities of IP and how to make money using it.

Published: 18-Nov-2016

Digimarc: ‘Think about packaging as your own built-in media network’

Digimarc intelligent packaging is like a built-in media network

Active, intelligent packaging is similar to the 1950s phenomenon of TV, according to Digimarc, which creates digital barcode scanners for products including ice cream tubs, biscuits and chips.

Published: 17-Nov-2016

Thinfilm partners with Hopsy to integrate NFC tags on its craft beer

Thinfilm and Hopsy integrate NFC tags on its craft beer

Thinfilm has partnered with Hopsy to integrate its NFC (Near-Field Communication) OpenSense technology onto its locally produced craft beers across the US.

Published: 17-Nov-2016

How virtual reality is helping create today's beverages

Virtual reality and beverages

Virtual reality can be a bit of fun for consumers: offering bonus content via a 3D experience. But behind the scenes in the F&B industry, it has important roles to play in how our beverages are created and made. 

Published: 17-Nov-2016

Crown Packaging partners with Evrythng IoT firm to digitalize its F&B cans

Crown Packaging and Evrythng to digitalize F&B cans

Evrthng IoT (Internet of Things) smart products platform, which works with F&B firms to digitize their products, has partnered with Crown Packaging to digitalize all their cans at source to track them through the supply chain.

Published: 15-Nov-2016

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