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New female targeted wine is packaged like perfume


A new wine that targets women through its perfume-like packaging has been singled out by Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics team as its Innovation of the Week.

PLA continually conducts a global search to find what it deems to be the most inventive food and drink products.

“While perfume-inspired wine may be an acquired taste, Essentia Vitae goes further than most to connect to female consumers,” said Tom Vierhile, director of PLA.

“Its perfume-like packaging should break through the crowded product assortments that can often confound shoppers.”

Mazzetti d’Altavilla Essentia Vitae, launched in Germany and Italy, comes in three different varieties: No. 4 Ruche – jasmine scent, No. 6 Malvasia – rose scent, and No. 8 Moscato – violet scent.

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