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'Hup Holland Hup!' Heineken launches World Cup cans in Holland

By Ben Bouckley+

Last updated on 09-Jun-2014 at 14:11 GMT2014-06-09T14:11:50Z

'Hup Holland Hup!' Heineken launches World Cup cans in Holland

Heineken will launch three special edition cans in it's native Holland to coincide with the 2014 soccer World Cup in Brazil.

Design agency dBOD revealed its Oranjekoorts ('Orange fever', presumably given that the Dutch team plays in orange jerseys) can designs for Heineken last week, and they carry text saying 'Hup (Go) Oranje', or 'Go Orange'.

Perhaps the cans pay homage to the 1950s soccer song 'Hup Holland Hup' (Go Holland Go) written by Jan de Cler.

In other Heineken news - more significant this, but less fun - the brewer will roll out its new Star can (see right) to 170 countries worldwide this summer, with the new can pitched at a male audience by playing-up its spare silver aluminum look

We'll keep an eye out for any World Cup-themed special edition drinks packaging. In the meantime, enjoy the video...


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