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Alpro soy drinks earn first non-GM ‘Trustmark’ in UK


By Ben Bouckley+

Last updated on 30-Jul-2013 at 09:23 GMT2013-07-30T09:23:34Z

Alpro says it supports 'transparent and clear information' for consumers of its soy drinks
Alpro says it supports 'transparent and clear information' for consumers of its soy drinks

Alpro is the first UK grocery brand to demonstrate that the soybeans used in its drinks is non-GM and sustainably sourced after it began using the ProTerra certification logo on packs from June.

The brand only uses GM-free soybeans and the firm works together with suppliers to develop a control system ensuring the beans are traceable and identifiable across its supply chain.

This is audited and certified by independent third-party body, Cert ID Europe, against the ProTerra certification standard.

We asked John Allaway, commercial director, Alpro UK, why use of non-GM soya beans was so important to the brand?

Part of our DNA

"It’s part of our DNA and has always appeared on our communications to the consumer, we had removed it from the front of the pack as we focused more on the health benefits and the good taste of soya," Allaway said.

Why did the brand decide to introduce the ProTerra logo from June, and why hadn’t it done so before now? "We have always communicated ‘non-GMO’ on our packaging and felt that the association with ProTerra would add some authority," he added.

"This is because they are an external and independent body. For those consumers looking for additional reassurance, they can look up the organization on the web and see the extent of their organization and what it stands for."

Protects worker’s rights

ProTerra certification also shows that the rights of workers and indigenous people have been protected and that the Amazon and other high conservation value areas have been preserved.

Richard Werran from Cert ID Europe, administrators of the ProTerra Certification scheme said:

“Although the labelling of Non-GM on pack is already common in some European countries, this is the first time that a Non-GM and sustainability ‘trustmark’ has been authorised in the UK, so enabling consumers to make a choice about the kind of products that they buy.”

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So not true...

Almond Breeze has had Non-GM since early 2013 (that's when I noticed the brand at least) on their package, and this is the reason I stopped buying Alpro's products. Good to know, though. Now I can continue with this brand.

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Posted by zzz
17 October 2013 | 22h142013-10-17T22:14:25Z


Congratulations, Alpro.

Always the first!

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Posted by Roberto Perin
27 August 2013 | 12h092013-08-27T12:09:48Z

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