A premium product in Australia: but with different promise in India

Water sourced from plants: Premium in Australia; precious in India

By Rachel Arthur

AquaBotanical – a water sourced entirely from fruit and vegetables – is currently sold as a premium brand in Australia. But the brand’s potential is much greater, according to its founder: the technology could be used to unlock drinking water from sugar...

Carrots can offer different levels of sweetness & color: watch the video to learn more

Stealth carrots: How veggies are finding victory in F&B

By Rachel Arthur

Carrots might look dull compared to trendy super fruits and leafy vegetables, but the humble vegetable is in demand as a subtle but powerful nutritional boost, as consumers seek to increase their vegetable intake. 

Green juice is scary looking, say 28% of Americans

Green juice is scary looking, say 28% of Americans

By Maggie Hennessy

Despite the recent surge in popularity of green juice and consumers’ general belief that it’s the most nutritious juice, many consumers are still skeptical that it actually tastes good, as a recent survey by Jamba Juice found. 


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