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EU Parliament set for June 11 vote on PARNUTS reform

EU Parliament set for June 11 vote on PARNUTS reform


The long-awaited reform of EU rules governing ‘special’ foods like baby and gluten-free foods, is imminent with a June 11 vote to mandate the changes – and most stakeholders satisfied with the likely ratification.

Bisphenol A on UK agenda

Breast Cancer UK issues BPA ban rallying cry but FSA remains unmoved

By Joseph James Whitworth

Breast Cancer UK has claimed there is a “wealth of peer reviewed, scientific evidence that raises serious concerns” over the safety of exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) but the UK agency responsible has reaffirmed its stance that the chemical does not pose...

EU health claims evolution: New submission behaviours

EU health claims evolution: A submission rethink

By Nigel Baldwin

Now that the dust has settled on the health claims submission process we should all be very clear on the rules of engagement. Well kind of, says Nigel Baldwin, chief consultant in Intertek’s European office.

Could the WTO overturn EU health claim laws?

Could the WTO overturn EU health claim laws?

By Shane Starling from Brussels

Aggrieved companies and  trade groups have already mounted legal actions against the EU’s strict health claim laws – they are in process – but the regulation’s workings could face fresh challenge from governments signed up to the World Trade Organization...

EU food and drink industry production fell by 0.36%

EU food and drink production flat in Q4 2012

By Oliver Nieburg

Food and drink production in the EU remained flat in the fourth quarter of last year as some raw materials became costlier, according to data from FoodDrinkEurope.

The vote was cast in European Parliament today

Big Vote - CAP Reform

EU sugar quotas extended to 2020

By Oliver Nieburg

EU sugar quotas will remain in place in Europe until 2020 after a vote on Common Agricultural Policy reforms (CAP) in European Parliament today.

Aspartame is safe, says EFSA

EFSA opens public consultation on aspartame review

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has opened a public consultation on its safety assessment of aspartame and has found no safety concern at current intake levels, following studies that linked the sweetener to increased risk of cancer and pre-term...

Provexis winner criticises EU health claims enforcement

Provexis winner: EU health claims enforcement may dish rotten tomatoes

By Steve Morrison

Steve Morrision was the COO at Provexis when the UK start-up won the EU‘s first ever article 13.5 health claim for its blood circulation-boosting tomato extract called Fruitflow in 2009. The now-consultant has serious qualms about how the EU’s health...

Long-awaited specialist foods provisions set for EU lawbooks

PARNUTS update: Specialist foods reforms due for EU lawbooks

By Shane Starling

Revision of the laws governing specialist food products like sports foods, infant foods and gluten-free foods is set for a final vote in the European Parliament in December or January, 2013, with the leading industry group broadly welcoming the passage.

AkzoNobel and Metlac acquisition verdict delayed

AkzoNobel Competition Commission verdict delayed

AkzoNobel’s merger deal with Metlac Holdings, which is being reviewed by the UK Competition Commission (CC), is still on hold after the report was delayed by eight weeks to 1 January 2013.

France want tighter EU BPA controls

ANSES calls for stricter EU BPA classification

By Joe Whitworth

The French Agency for Food Health Safety (ANSES) has called on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to propose a more stringent classification level for BPA as a reprotoxic substance.

Pernod Ricard subsidiary slams Czech spirits ban

Pernod Ricard subsidiary slams Czech spirits ban

By Ben Bouckley

Pernod Ricard’s Czech subsidiary Jan Becher (JBKB) says the Czech government’s decision to ban all strong spirit sales in the country, following 20+ methanol-related deaths linked to local bootleg liquor, is disproportionate and will hit sales of its...

Eurozone debt crisis rocks Coca-Cola Hellenic

Eurozone debt crisis rocks Coca-Cola Hellenic

By Ben Bouckley

Coca-Cola Hellenic (CCH) has warned that it expects to lose €55m due on its 2012 EBIT due to adverse currency movements, specifically the weakness of the euro against the US dollar.

EU sugar quota supports ‘quasi monopoly’

EU sugar quota supports ‘quasi monopoly’

By Rod Addy

The EU sugar industry benefits from a “quasi monopoly” situation as a result of the current EU sugar quota system, according to the European Starch Industry Association, Association de Amidonniers et Feculiers (AAF).

Nutrient profiling debate reignites

Nutrient profiling debate reignites

By Rod Addy

DG Sanco has reignited the nutrient profiling debate by initiating a consultation with other parts of the European Commission to test support for it to set nutrient profiles under health claims legislation.

EFSA to evaluate low dose BPA ‘hypothesis’

EFSA to evaluate low dose BPA ‘hypothesis’

By Mark Astley

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has begun work on a new bisphenol A (BPA) risk assessment - focussing on the low dose effects of the packaging chemical.

Several EU member states, including the UK, have voiced objections to the proposed French BPA ban.

EC digs deep and confirms EU objections to France BPA ban

By Mark Astley

The European Commission (EC) has dug deep and confirmed the objections of several EU member states to the proposed bisphenol-A (BPA) ban in France – just days after claiming to have no knowledge of the oppositions.

Suspect foods include household staples like bread, fried potatoes and coffee as well as potato crisps and biscuits.

Acrylamide limit ‘red tape’ premature, says FDF

By Oliver Nieburg

The added bureaucracy of legal limits for acrylamide in foods is preventable as industry efforts to reduce levels have been sufficient, says the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).


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