Jean-Marc Rostagno of APPE talking to Joe Whitworth at Emballage

dispatches from emballage 2012

APPE targets innovation in tough times

By Joe Whitworth

Innovation is allowing APPE to push through tough European economic times, according to the firm.

Carlsberg denies Heineken APB takeover drove Singha deal

Carlsberg denies Heineken APB takeover drove Singha deal

By Ben Bouckley

Carlsberg has agreed a strategic partnership with Singha Corporation, and tells it is confident the new venture will succeed where a previous Thai partnership with Chang Beverages failed amidst legal acrimony in 2005.

Coke backs SATIN satiety project to battle obesity

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

Coca-Cola bites into EU-backed obesity project

By Shane Starling from Geneva

What is the world's biggest carbonated beverage company doing in a European Union satiety research project? Why, collaborating to battle obesity of course…

Nestlé notes double-digit growth in emerging countries

Nestlé performance in Europe surprises analysts

By Jane Byrne

Nestlé’s sales for the nine months to the end of September rose 7.3% to reach CHF60.89bn (€49.24bn), slightly short of expectations, but its positive European performance blindsided analysts.

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