“People wanting to be healthier is not confined to a certain age group.”

Ethan’s shots dip into organic energy

By Beth Newhart

A beverage brand that specializes in functional shots, Ethan’s is breaking into the energy drink category for the first time with a line of Organic Energy Shots formulated with green tea, lion’s mane and guayusa.

Inno-Bev gets US patent on botanical formula for alterness

News in Brief

Inno-Bev gets US patent on botanical formula for alterness

By Hank Schultz

Israeli company Inno-Bev Ltd., says it has received a US patent on a plant-based alterness formula called WakeUp, which is sold both as a liquid supplement shot and in a separately branded ready to drink beverage.


Jamie Oliver leads calls to ban energy drink sales to U16s

By Rachel Arthur

Celebrity chef and health campaigner Jamie Oliver is calling on the UK government to ban sales of energy drinks to U16s. Meanwhile, supermarket Waitrose has announced that customers buying high caffeine energy drinks must prove they are over 16 years...

Coca-Cola launches Fuze Tea in Europe

Coca-Cola launches Fuze Tea in Europe

By Rachel Arthur

Coca-Cola is rolling out one of its fastest growing brands - the low calorie premium iced tea, Fuze Tea - in Europe this month. In the UK the drink will escape the upcoming sugar tax thanks to its use of the sweetener stevia.


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