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POM Wonderful wants action in the courts sooner rather than later

POM Wonderful urges court ruling on FTC claims dispute

By Shane Starling

Californian-based pomegranate juice leader POM Wonderful has filed a motion in a Washington DC District Court urging a ruling on its September action against Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claims policing policies.

Probiotic drinks and juices may still be a category to watch in 2011

Probiotic drinks are still a category to watch

By Guy Montague-Jones

European launches of probiotic drinks may have declined in recent years but analysts remain confident that the category still has strong global potential.

Not even the economic slump could dent the digestive health category

“Feeling the benefit” guides 2011 trends

By Shane Starling

Products that deliver physiological benefits quickly such as those benefitting gut health or boosting energy – will be the most important trend for 2011, according to a new report.

Wild discusses positioning of adult soft drinks

Wild discusses positioning of adult soft drinks

By Guy Montague-Jones

At Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Germany, we caught up with Fabiana Matucci, senior VP for strategic business units at Wild, to discuss the opportunities adult soft drinks present to different beverage companies.

Gefilus going global?

Valio set to take probiotic juice global

By Shane Starling

Finnish dairy and ingredients supplier Valio is planning to expand the reach of its probiotic juice Gefilus as interest in the sector intensifies.

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