Fizzing-Up Carbonates

Will iced teas sparkle in 2013? (Picture Copyright: Aria Belli/Flickr)

Hot New Beverage Concepts for 2013: Episode One

By Ben Bouckley

The CEO of beverage development and innovation company MyDrink Beverages tells why his firm's new non-alcoholic beverage concepts for 2013 could take the market by storm...

Picture Copyright: Pepsi Australia

Stevia sweetened Pepsi NEXT hits Australia in cola first

By Ben Bouckley

Pepsi NEXT has been launched in Australia, but intriguingly the drink has been formulated with stevia for this market to achieve a 30% sugar reduction, rather than the 60% effected with other sweeteners in the US.

Picture Copyright: Coca-Cola France

Coke confirms new French stevia sightings through major EU launches

By Ben Bouckley

The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed to that it has launched stevia-sweetened varieties of Sprite and Nestea in France with 30% less sugar – the first roll-out using its headline brands on a major market since European Commission (EC)...

2011's beverage blockbusters: the news that filled our cup this year

2011's beverage blockbusters: the news that filled our cup this year

By Ben Bouckley

We review the beverage thrills, and spills, of 2011, and raise a Christmas glass to a year that saw legal dogfights, giant steps forward in interactive packaging technology and a change of slogan for Carlsberg, never traditionally known for its modesty...

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