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West Coast Chill's 'Blizzard - Pure Energy' Drink

Self-chilling beverage cans will take market by storm: Joseph Company CEO

By Ben Bouckley

US firm Joseph Company International is launching the world’s first ‘self-chilling beverage can’ using licensed technology, even tested by NASA, that cuts out the need for refrigeration, and says it has already had interest from two of the world’s largest...

Err...canned mouse anyone?

Canned mouse would have turned to jelly: PepsiCo

By Ben Bouckley

PepsiCo is fighting claims by a consumer that he found a dead mouse in a Mountain Dew can, with a scientist testifying that there is no way the creature could have passed the bottling process intact.

Red Bull fights Pit Bull filler to EU court defeat

Red Bull fights Pit Bull filler to EU court defeat

By Ben Bouckley

Simply filling a soft drink bearing a trademarked brand name does not itself violate an EU directive regarding use of that sign, according to the European Court of Justice (CJEU) in a high-profile ruling involving Red Bull.

The Doehler stand at the Brau Beviale trade show in Nuremberg, Germany last week

The time to innovate in energy drinks is now, Doehler

By Ben Bouckley

Beverage brand owners would be sensible to diversify within energy drinks now or risk missing out on future market share in a sector increasingly crowded with concepts, according to German ingredients firm Doehler.

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