Syral - Beghin Meiji

Tereos Syral

SYRAL​, Tereos' starch subsidiary, is one of the top leading European companies in the starch and starch-based sweeteners sector, providing customers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and pulp & paper industries with a full service to cover their current and future projects and requirements.

Syral manufactures a range of products including starches, sweeteners (glucose syrups, dextroses, maltodextrins and polyols), plant proteins and alcohol (traditional and bio-ethanol).

Among polyols, SYRAL is particularly promoting Maltilite​® Maltitol, which allow to optimize sweetening formulations with no compromise on taste and texture compared to traditional foodstuff. Maltilite® is a calorie-reducing bulk-sweetener with a pleasant
sweet taste and a rheology similar to sucrose, and as such, a very cost-effective sugar replacer.

SYRAL Innovation department works closely with the food companies, using a step-by-step approach to reach the optimal solution. The company considers the pooling of ideas and information to be central to finding the most appropriate solution for both current and future needs.

SYRAL is also promoting short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) produced from sugar by BEGHIN MEIJI​. scFOS are known as food ingredients under the brand name of Actilight®​.

Actilight® is a sweet soluble fibre with prebiotic properties, which is being used in many food products for consumers' health and
well-being. Actilight® allows to improve their nutritional and health profile by adding fibres, replacing sugars, reducing caloric value, lowering Glycaemic Index and contributing to rebalance the intestinal microflora.

SYRAL and BEGHIN MEIJI are both subsidiaries of the TEREOS​ group. They are working together in the same Innovation and Marketing centre to provide the most adequate sweetening formulation to food manufacturers and to promote healthy food matching the consumers expectations.