O'Biolla​ is your new partner for any tasty, healthy and energy beverage formulation.
 We are your specialist on organic (and natural) antioxidant juices, aromatic base and extract from Italian Blood Oranges and other citrus fruits.
 To serve you promptly we have established deposits and laboratories in the USA and Italy.

With over 3000 Sicilian farmers associated we bring you the best antioxidant quality of the citrus produced in Sicily, you can count on us for helping you deliver successful innovative custom products based on:

 1. Juice and concentrate
 2. Essential oil
 3. Blood Orange extract in powder
 4. Fibre, prebiotic
 5. Organic dermatologic ingredients.

 Blood Oranges Health Impacts
 In several research publications, scientists have found OBiolla blood orange juice intake to generate interesting levels of flavonoids hesperetin and naringenin in the bloodstream (see​).

 O'Biolla​ is an approved supplier of 2 the top 5 largest juice multinational in the world. Our world class chemistry and biology professionals have over 25 years of experience in the industry.

R & D
 O'Biolla​ is one of the most innovative organization in the citrus world, our protected web collaboration infrastructure allows over 50 scientists from all over the world to collaborate toinnovate products or to formulate products according to your customer needs.

 Our 100,000 m² (112,000 yrd²) plant , largest implementation of FMC technologies in many areas, produces about 25 million Litres (660,000 Gallons) of juice per year with state of the art recycling and green gas production systems.

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