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LOOS INTERNATIONAL​ is the most reputable manufacturer of heating boilers, hot water boilers and steam boilers and has delivered above 100,000 boilers to about 140 countries throughout the world since the year 1865. LOOS manufacture approximately 1,500 boiler systems per year for every industrial and commercial application.

The production range from LOOS INTERNATIONAL are shell boilers and quick-steam generators from 80 kg/h up to 55000 kg/h. Furthermore LOOS INTERNATIONAL produces hot water boilers for capacities of up to 38 MW, heating boilers up to 19,2 MW. The different boiler series are manufactured in all pressure ranges and for all fuels and can be fitted if required with heat recovery systems to improve efficiency for all technical heating processes. Boiler house components based on modular technology for easy planning, quick assembly and fully automated, safe operation of steam plants complete the range. Individual plant parts and components are correctly dimensioned, matched to each other and assembled into a ready-to-connect module.

Servicing support around the clock, every day of the year: LOOS Customer Support offers a competent, fast, efficient customer service. Trained customer service engineers on 24-hour standby combined with a central spare parts service guarantee optimum availability of your boiler plant.


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