Aisapack : a company built on packaging innovation

Aisapack : a company built on packaging innovation

Created in 2000, Aisapack's mission was ambitious: to be at the forefront of the global consumer goods packaging industry through applied technological innovation. This deliberately open ended objective gives Aisapack the latitude to explore a very wide range of subjects in the packaging arena. Aisapack benefits from being an integral member of the Swiss based SIH Group. The SIH Group is composed of several leading packaging and automation companies. The world-wide reach and client base in the equipment and service field of its sister companies brings Aisapack many pragmatic development advantages and insider perspectives. Aisapack's corporate vision is to develop original packaging solutions, and to provide product manufacturers and packaging producers with advanced technical and marketing support in the global packaging field.

AISAPACK services

One stop packaging development service provider

Fast moving consumer goods companies are continuously fighting for a competitive edge. A sure fire way to refresh a companie's brand, extended shelf life of a perishable product, or improvements in many other technical packaging requirements can be achieved. At Aisapack our highly skilled and multi-disciplinary expertise in the packaging development arena can offer our clients the total one stop packaging solution. Contact us today for more information on how we can help create the perfect package.

Advanced technologies

Aisapack's core technical competencies include industrial process expertise in: plastic welding, compression molding technology and stretch blow molding. Moreover, plasma coating and various spray surface treatments are complementary areas in which Aisapack can bring its savoir-faire to tackle even the most complex packaging problems.

Packaging evalutation

Both ongoing plastic technology improvements and the pressure to reduce product development life cycles have inspired Aisapack to develop an in-house proprietary, product/package compatibility assessment service. This comprehensive evaluation includes; shelf life assessment and mass transfer tests such as: O2, aroma barrier and water vapor transmission rates. For many applications these barrier considerations are needed to ensure the quality of the given product until its expiration date.


Inventing, developing and engineering new processes and packaging systems are all every day activities of Aisapack. We strive to think outside of the box to solve difficult packaging problems. Aisapack is in a privileged position to deliver value added solutions based on customers needs. This is all possible thanks to the on-site extensive experience of its world-class tube and blow molding machinery manufacturing sister companies; Aisa and MagPlastic. This real world experience coupled with the extensive industry experience of our team ensures that we deliver the optimal solution.

AISAPACK products

Aisacan™ the innovative soft-walled, re-closable beverage container

This hybrid can from Aisapack, based on Huhtamaki's Cyclero concept, is constructed of a high-barrier laminate tube affixed to a moulded neck, cap and base. Aisacan™ is ideal for the hygienic, long-life packaging of all kinds of beverages. Aesthetically appealing, flexible, shatterproof and conveniently re-closable, Aisacan™ has a comfortably supple feel that can really differentiate your product.

Bacomex™ High barrier solution

Bacomex™ is a high tech barrier process, that this both efficient and cost effective. This plastic multilayer compression moulding process has been developed by Aisapack for various plastic packaging applications. Here are some current examples:

  1. Components used for off-line tube packaging assembly
  2. Tube packaging machinery shoulders
  3. Aisacan™ beverage package bottletops
  4. Closures

Barrier improvement factors (BIF) of 10 and flavour barrier have been dramatically increased by a BIF of > 100 in certain applications have been achieved.

With the Bacomex™ process, a two-layer extruded dose is placed into the cavity, and the compression mandrel then forces the two materials towards the outer edge of the cavity to form a 5-layer structure made up of two EVOH layers embedded inside the PE layers. The result is completely embedded barrier integrated into the whole component.

For any of the above applications, or even something which are not listed, Aisapack can develop a specific mould, dosing procedure and validate the barrier improvement factor for a range of desired applications.

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