Dairy Drinks

Picture Copyright: Fosco Lucarelli

World organic food sales shine, but dairy in doldrums

By Ben Bouckley

The overall global market for organic food and drink is in good shape but dairy sales in the sector fell during the recession, due to high 2008 milk prices in particular, according to Euromonitor International.

Jellies emission heavy says Carbon Trust

Special Edition: alternatives to carbon heavy processes

Stoving eco project flounders but dairy and bakery go green

By Jane Byrne

Little industry interest in scaling up alternatives to the energy intensive conventional stoving method for jellies parked a UK agency’s bid to develop a microwave based method but low carbon technology projects in dairy and bakery are taking off.

Ocean Spray will kick off its next concentrate auction with prices between $16.58 and $17.85 per gallon

Ocean Spray adopts dairy model for cranberry auctions

By Shane Starling

Ocean Spray will change its auction policies to add certainty to opening prices the cranberry leader said after closing its latest cranberry concentrate auction that saw prices rise 17 percent over three selling periods.

PepsiCo pays a high price for a gamble in Russian dairy

PepsiCo pays a high price for a gamble in Russian dairy

By Guy Montague-Jones

When PepsiCo put up $5.4bn last week to acquire Wimm-Bill-Dann, it was seduced by the promise of high revenue growth but like any high-yield investment the Russian deal does not come without risks.

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