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Tetra Albrix - future-proof efficiency in sugar dissolving

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Tetra Albrix - future-proof efficiency in sugar dissolving

Welcome to future-proof efficiency in sugar dissolving with the newest generation of our Tetra Albrix. The new design maximizes output and cuts costs for huge savings, backed by our unique guarantees on key performance indicators.

Our process and hygienic design expertise enables uncompromising food safety and product quality, yet with full efficiency. And our unique modular concept makes Tetra Albrix highly flexible and easy to expand or upgrade to meet your future needs.
The new Tetra Albrix offers:

  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Cuts heating energy costs by 42%
  • Cuts cooling energy costs by 55%
  • Cuts CO2 emissions by 62%
  • Cuts raw material costs thanks to greater accuracy
  • Uncompromising food safety and quality
  • Future-proof flexibility with unique modular design

Tetra Albrix is a process module for continuous dissolving and pasteurisation of granulated sugar with a concentration of 60 - 65 Brix. Simple syrup is an essential part of the production of a variety of products such as still drinks, confectionery, jam and carbonated soft drinks.

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