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Make a natural beverage breakthrough

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Make a natural beverage breakthrough

Boosted by widespread healthy eating initiatives, consumers’ thirst for innovative, nature based beverages such as fruit packed smoothies or US-inspired iced coffees looks set to grow in 2009. But what does this mean for manufacturers?

Exceptional emulsification

A back-to-nature approach creates formulation challenges for beverage developers looking for impeccable performance. Unforgiving consumers demand drinks that score highly on appearance, enjoyment and taste, making effective emulsification a ‘must’. Q-Naturale™ from National Starch Food Innovation offers the solution.

Beverage benefits

• Easy-to-use liquid emulsifier – no need for dissolution, hydration or step changes

• Optimum performance in high load emulsions

• Fully functional at low usage levels for crucial cost savings

• Exceptional emulsification / long term stability in wide pH and temperature range

Natural heritage

Harnessing the South American quillaia tree’s natural functional properties, Q-Naturale provides a fresh alternative to traditional emulsifiers. Produced using sustainable techniques, Q-Naturale meets consumers’ criteria for environmentally-conscious manufacturing. Plus, National Starch Food Innovation offers a proven supply chain and cost consistency to help beverage developers to protect their brands.

Let us help you create your next beverage breakthrough! Request more information on Q-Naturale here​.

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