Maintenance Services – Taking Your Operational Efficiency to a Higher Level

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We know that Tetra Pak can maximize your operational efficiency. Great performance can be achieved using an optimized equation of the best people, the best processes and the best tools. Unplanned production stops has a negative effect on your production output, your product quality and on material and product waste. This has a high impact on the bottom line result. In the middle of such an equation stands maintenance. Maintenance enables an efficient production; it is about improving your equipment performance. The importance of maintenance is easily understood. You will experience fewer unscheduled stops, minimized waste, minimized interference to production, continuous improvement of procedures and a consistent product quality. Your overall equipment efficiency (OEE) can be optimized through a number of focus areas. One key is the ability to take better advantage of minor maintenance windows. Another is an optimized work planning and a possibility to control and determine the next service activity. It is extremely important to be able to trust in a predictable and reliable operation and to support that Tetra Pak offers a guaranteed performance. It means a tailor-made service solution guaranteeing that agreed performance levels are maintained over time – for a single packaging line or a group of lines. We commit to maintaining equipment performance at a level that has been jointly agreed together with you. A very proactive focus on productivity supports you in meeting production targets & factory KPIs.


Annelie Olsson Annelie Olsson Service Product Manager
Tetra Pak

Jesper Romell Jesper Romell Service Product Manager
Tetra Pak

Johan Paulsson Johan Paulsson Asset Management Manger
Tetra Pak

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