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Looking to get more consumers focused on your next beverage? Look no further.

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Take your next beverage above and beyond the competition with Suntheanine®​. The unique functional properties of Suntheanine can bring greater attention to your energy drinks and other unique beverage platforms. Our high quality L-theanine is superior in delivering focus and clarity without the negative effects of caffeine. So you can transform your next energy drink to the on-trend realm of “focused energy.” And create new products that meet the growing demand for “calming beverages.”

Since 1994, Suntheanine has been safely consumed in beverages, foods and supplements. An easy ingredient to incorporate, Suntheanine, is odorless, colorless, tasteless and stable. Suntheanine has GRAS affirmation with a Letter of No Objection by the U.S. FDA and regulatory approval in other countries.

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