FOAMATION® foaming agents: more foam for less

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Deliver memorable eating and drinking experiences with long-lasting thick foams and froths. Naturally sourced FOAMATION®foaming agents are based on the extract of the quillaja soapbark tree and the yucca extract of the Mojave yucca plant. These unique foaming agents provide improved textures and mouthfeel in frozen carbonated beverages, and they also stabilize foam and froth in beer, root beer and many other types of beverages.Natural surfactants entrap more air, so FOAMATION® foaming agents contribute to a more cost-effective and/or reduced-calorie food or beverage product. They can improve overrun, or the volume of entrapped air, in frozen carbonated beverages and frozen desserts. The foam texture resulting from FOAMATION® foaming agents can reduce calories in your food or beverage product due to the increased product aeration.


Dinah Diaz Dinah Diaz Sr. Market Development Manager
Ingredion Incorporated

Donna Brooks Donna Brooks Sr. Business Development Manager
Ingredion Incorporated

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