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Capros® Antioxidant Superfruit

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Capros® Antioxidant Superfruit

Capros® is a patented, clinically researched nutritional supplement ingredient developed to provide significant and superior antioxidant benefits. Derived from a highly purified and standardized extract of the unique antioxidant superfruit Phyllanthus emblica, or Indian gooseberry, Capros® is not just another amla, which is the popular name in India for this well-known and highly revered Ayurvedic remedy. Capros® is the ultimate superfruit extract obtained by a proprietary process.

Capros® has a very high ORAC value, many times higher than other popular fruit extracts such as pomegranate or acai. However, Natreon, Inc. scientists looked extensively beyond ORAC with a broad panel of in vitro and in vivo assays comparing Capros® to a variety of well known antioxidants to confirm its singular potency.

Along with an outstanding safety profile, Capros® is a cost-effective ingredient for marketers wanting to launch novel new brands in the Super Fruit category that can actually deliver on promises of superior antioxidant power. Capros® is highly water soluble, will have little impact on flavor systems and has excellent stability, ideal for functional foods and beverages.

Capros® also shows great promise as a synergistic antioxidant ingredient in combination with other fruit juices and extracts, as a means to increase potency and provide even more powerful and long-lasting health benefits for wellness seekers. Comprehensive studies offer evidence of the synergistic effects of Capros® when added to other antioxidants. With its superior capacity to improve beverage formulations, Capros® is set to become one of the most sought after superfruit ingredients in the market and the next big star in functional foods.