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Barley Brewing - Great beer with less...

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Barley Brewing - Great beer with less...

The magic of barley brewing-revealed!

Whether you want to reformulate an all-malt brand to include a portion of barley without negatively changing the flavour profile, or increase the ratio of barley for further cost savings, brewing enzymes can help achieve your goals.

Since un-malted barley is not as rich in enzymes as malt, it is necessary to add brewing enzymes to balance enzyme deficiencies in the mash. Enzymes such as Novozymes' Ceremix® Plus MG are easy-to-use enzyme blends that contain the predominant activities present in malt, and transform the barley grain in a relatively short mashing period.

In addition to cost savings, brewing with barley offers other advantages. The presence of barley husk eases wort filtration and the raw barley grain contributes useful amounts of beta-amylase as well as other enzymes such as peptidase and phosphatase to the mash. Barley also contributes to palatability and beer foam stability.

Depending on your raw material, required ratio of barley and equipment, as well as other processing parameters, Novozymes Brewzymers can optimise your barley brewing process with brewing enzymes.

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