Rachel Cheatham: “At the end of the day, @Susan is impacting how many of our customers see an ingredient like stevia. On some level, this person is an influencer.

Insights from IFT Wellness 2014

Why should we care about what @Susan thinks of stevia?

By Maggie Hennessy

Despite a trend toward reduced sugar consumption in the US, many Americans are still getting far too much added sugar in their diets. But how do consumers really feel about sugar? And how should manufacturers address sugar and sugar reduction efforts...

Waste date beans- from eco coffee alternative to beyond

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

An Israeli company that has released a range of coffee alternatives made from roasted date kernel, says the waste material has potential as a sustainable food and drink ingredient stretching far beyond this initial creation.

Diabetes busting cinnamon: Hydro One drinks score US patent triumph

'The first such patented drinks ever been made in the world': Hydro One CEO Sammy Nasrollahi

Diabetes busting cinnamon: Hydro One drinks score US patent triumph


Hydro One Beverages has won a US patent for healthy soft drinks line REVd that uses a special cinnamon extract to tackle problems associated with high blood sugar such as diabetes and hyperglycemia.

Applied Food Sciences sources its guayusa leaves at several locations in South America.

Company to debut 'natural' energy ingredients in Anaheim

By Hank Schultz

A company that got its start fighting cancer has moved into the natural area with the launch of three energy ingredients. Applied Food Sciences Inc. will unveil the ingredients at the Next Innovation Summit this week held in conjunction with the Natural...

“Our goal is really to establish coconut water as an additional juice to blend with other juices. It’s not so much about the coconut water concentrate, but making coconut water a component of fruit juice blends, just like pineapple,” said iTi Tropicals president Gert van Manen. (Pictured: van Manen at a sustainability summit in Thailand, courtesy of iTi Tropicals)

Interview with iTi Tropicals' Gert van Manen

iTi: Coconut water concentrate could be the next pineapple juice concentrate

By Maggie Hennessy

Gearing up for this week’s launch of coconut water concentrate acidified with acerola, ingredient supplier iTi Tropicals’ president Gert van Manen caught up with FoodNavigator-USA to talk about the market potential for coconut water, the ongoing attack...

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