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'Big can learn from small, and small can learn from big' - Pernod Ricard's New Brand Ventures division. Pic: Getty/peterkernoch

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Lessons in craft M&A: Rabobank Liquid Assets Podcast

By Rabobank

Pernod Ricard and Park Street Imports highlight the drivers of M&A in craft spirits, and talk about what both founders and investors must do to create a successful long-term partnership.

GoodBelly's probiotic juice drinks  Source: GoodBelly

Growing probiotic market prompts GoodBelly's new products launch

By Douglas Yu

GoodBelly has launched four new product lines, including GoodBelly Protein Shake, GoodBelly Juice Drink, GoodBelly Sparkling Drinks and GoodBelly Ade, as consumers are gravitating more towards the functional beverage category, according to the company.

Coca-Cola Life has been launched in Latin America, and will soon hit shelves in the UK and Sweden - but will it reverse the fortunes of the US carbonates market?

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Can natural sweeteners pull diet soda out of its funk?

By Elaine Watson

Is diet soda in the doldrums because shoppers are suspicious of aspartame, or because they are just bored of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi? And will naturally-sweetened products such as Coca-Cola Life restore the category’s flagging fortunes?

'Bottling Season at Alagash Brewery' in Portland, Maine. N.B. The company is not a contract bottler so photo is purely illustrative (Alagash Brewing/Flickr)


Bottling that blockbuster beverage: How to choose the right contract manufacturer

By Adomas Pranevicius

Adomas Pranevicius, general manager of MyDrink Beverages tells readers how to choose the right contract manufacturer for their product – and why it's vital to assess everything from capabilities to communications and returns policies.

'This is what I do!' Annette Higgins, DuPont Nutrition & Health


'This is what I do!' Annette Higgins, DuPont Nutrition & Health


Annette Higgins, director of strategy and business development for protein solutions at DuPont Nutrition & Health, tells about the 'endless possibilities' she sees for protein beverages and her experience managing soy milk...

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