FoodNavigator-USA Summit 2020: Food for Kids


The kids’ food industry is growing rapidly with new brands and products continually entering the category, making it a market ripe for opportunity and innovation. At the same time, parents say they struggle to find products that appeal to both them and their kids.

The Food for Kids 2020 Summit ​is your personal comprehensive guide to the kids’ food industry. From discovering what’s next in nutrition and supplementation for expectant moms and children of all ages to branding, packaging, and marketing kids’ products. Meet brands disrupting the market and explore growth opportunities from an investor, retailer, and restaurateur perspective.

The 2020 summit is a must-attend event for any company formulating, marketing, or retailing foods or beverages for kids, toddlers, babies, or expectant moms, covering the branding, nutrition science, and politics swirling around what we’re feeding our kids, and sharing what successful players are doing in this space.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop for the Food for Kids 2020 Summit​, please visit our website.

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