Africa takes center stage in AB InBev's new world map

A global beer shake-up: AB InBev and SABMiller deal

By Rachel Arthur

AB InBev CEO Carlos Brito has championed the tie-up with SABMiller as the creation of ‘the first truly global beer company.’ But where are the regions to watch: and where might there be challenges?

Meadan brews with all gluten-free ingredients, including buckwheat and chickpeas.

Brewing beer with buckwheat: Israeli brewery goes gluten-free

By Hal Conick

Being diagnosed with celiac disease usually means the days of drinking beer are over, but entrepreneur Bryan Meadan wasn’t quite ready to accept that fate. He is now brewing beer using ingredients such as chickpeas and quinoa.

Will beer syrup become relevant in the craft cocktail world?

Entrepreneur looks to add beer syrup to the craft cocktail lexicon

By Hal Conick

Craft beer is a versatile drink, with flavors spanning from light and fruity to dark and ashy. Kentucky native Russ Meredith has taken versatility a step further, concocting a way craft beer can be used in cocktails, as a meat glaze and even on top of...

MillerCoors yesterday announced it will acquire a majority stake in Saint Archer

Beverage bites: news up to September 11, 2015

Craft beer buys, boost for VertuoLine, and more beverage bites

By Rachel Arthur

Heineken and MillerCoors have both been shopping in the craft beer scene this week. Meanwhile, Whittard of Chelsea has joined the Ethical Tea Partnership… read on for more beverage bites.